Home Scandal and Gossip Why is lawyer John Inglesino really backing Rachel Canning?

Why is lawyer John Inglesino really backing Rachel Canning?

 John Inglesino
Why is John Inglesino really backing an 18 teenager?

Whilst Rachel Canning has been going to court to legally compel her parents to front her costs, high ranking NJ attorney John Inglesino has been backing the young woman. The question though remains why is he really backing Rachel Canning and what does he stand to gain? As it turns out quite a bit actually…

What is known of John P.Inglesino is that he is a managing partner at lnglesino, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC, a 10-attorney firm in Parsippany, N.J.

The outlet specializes in  government law and real estate law. Not a bad specialty to have especially when you are milling around political circles.


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But this is where things begin to get a little more interesting.

Inglesino also happens to be the township attorney for Parsippany-Troy Hills, and he represents other Garden State government entities in various capacities.

Recently the lawyer bragged that Politicker NJ named him among the Top 100 ‘powerful people’ in New Jersey in 2013. Which raises the question why would a lawyer go out of his way to make sure we all know he is all too powerful. Follow this way please….

John Inglesino also happens to serves on Gov. Chris Christie’s School Funding task force.

According to the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey Gov. Christie’s School Funding Task Force exists to eradicate abuse and fraud from New Jersey’s education system. Its goals are to study the use of free and reduced school lunches as a way of determining “at-risk” students and, generally, to pinpoint parts of the state’s school-funding formula that are subject to fraud.

Kids why would you spend time on a task force dedicated to social goals such as the enhancement of education as a self confessed high powered lawyer unless of course you also had aspirations of waxing clout and becoming a politician as well. Something that acting as an 18 year old girl’s rebellious backer could serve to open corridors for.

What do you think? Is John Inglesino just a concerned citizen seeking to make sure a family friend gets the best shot at a great education (never mind if the parents refuse to pay the cost of because their child has repeatedly failed to respect their wishes under their roof) or as a guise to get his name out there under some carefully guided legal ploys? Or who knows maybe this attorney has a peeve issue with a former Lincoln Park, New Jersey police chief head (Rachel Canning’s father, Sean) and is just getting his back now….?



  1. It will…Soon.
    Wait until the $hit hits the fan and we all find out why he’s REALLY getting divorced.

  2. Really? Because my birth parents were investigated 11 times in NY and never once were found guilty of anything, however I can promise you they were extremely abusive.. they were just upstanding citizens and knew what to say and how to behave to get away with it.

  3. Clearly you havn’t worked with enough deliqunet children then. I know for a fact that kids act out, especially girls, because of the way they’re treated in their home life. Ask any real psychologist to evaluate the entire situation, and I put money on her dad was starting to be more sexually aggressive towards her and she didn’t like it. She probably told her mom, and her mom took her dad’s side. Hence the hate towards her mom, the dad’s constant banning of ever having a boyfriend (but only for her, not her other sisters) and that she made a dating profile for her father.. you do the math.

  4. because she’s angry with her mom for allowing the explicit fondness that her father seems to show her. Her mother knows what’s going on. They were separated for a bit because it was obvious.

  5. Funny how all of these people are looking past what the girl said, and all of the things that have played out into this investigation that back it all up. She said that he has kissed her inappropriately, he also has a problem with every single boyfriend she’s ever had, however he doesn’t seem to have the same issues with his other daughters boyfriends. Amazingly enough, I actually know several people who know her boyfriend personally, and can attest that he’s an average kid. On top of that, she has a strange hatred for her mother, she created an account on a dating sight for her father, the things that are in this entire story all line up to her father’s abuse of power. She’s an idiot for trying to get her parents financial support, she should have come out with the truth about his inappropriate behavior without adding something that would appear to give her a motive for saying such things. I have been on the opposite side of this exact type of situation, and I see all the telltale signs there- and no it’s not because it’s happened to me and I look for it. I was completely on the side of the father, until these facts came out in court, and I later found out from a personal friend who teaches at the school, that the father is creepy and aggressive towards Rachel. Mr. I may know more than he’s letting on, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t just trying to help his 2 daughter’s best friends.

  6. Again, what is he basing his libel or slander lawsuit on? I have a right to my opinion of him on a forum, as does everyone else. I would love to see this idiot lawyer try and sue me, or anyone else in here.

  7. But you said he was smart. How smart is he, if he thought this lawsuit would further his aspirations beyond Morris County?

  8. Libel? For what? Funny, you have some thing for this piece of crap lawyer. On one hand, you say to folks that you have to prove something to come after this guy, yet on the other hand, if anyone has an opinion bad about this slime, you throw out the libel word. I think this lawyer is pond scum, just like many others in here do. Not sure how that’s construed as libel. lol

  9. the only data you have is you calling me a pervert because I called Rac-hell a spoiled lying brat (which she is). BTW, did you hear all of her lawsuits have been dropped against her parents? Way to back a losing horse. Idiot.

  10. troll22….child abuser proponent…sick vile evil! get psych help asap…or go to VROOM building in Trenton criminally insane your types are there wiating

  11. You are apparently mentally unstable…it’s quite obvious btw. I don’t believe this girl was beaten or starved, we know she wasn’t sexually abused either. If she had been, she certainly wouldn’t be back home. She is eighteen and is back home by her own choice.

    Like I stated before, there are bottom feeders out there that will continue to accuse the Canning’s of what has been proven not to be the truth.

  12. DYFUS repeatedly sends kids BACK into homes where they wind up DEAD or further beaten and starved etc! YOU DONT KNOW SQUAT! you’re sick! go get help child abuser!

  13. you’re dirt and filth! you approve of child abuse! Your defense of a child abuser says all! you need to be JAILED!

  14. Child Protective Services did a complete investigation concerning the allegations of abuse..and their findings were that there was NO abuse. On the other hand no one has investigated Rachel’s claims that Mrs. Inglesino was feeding her wine coolers when the girl was just fifteen years of age. No one has investigated the alligations that the Inglesino’s were holding underage alcohol parties…don’t you find that disturbing?

    We live in an age where many children are raised with NO father in their lives. We live in an age where many children have never been hugged or kissed by their Father. We call those Fathers “losers, deadbeats, etc.” Then we have Dad’s that work hard to support their families, they are there in the home to make sure their children are brought up right, they hug their children, kiss their children, and you dcizscumm, call them “Child Perv Fathers”.

    I believe that when a person is investigated and found to be innocent..they are most likely innocent, just like the Canning’s. On the other hand, there are bottom feeders out there that will continue to accuse them of what has been proven not to be the truth.

  15. I have worked with children all of my life…those that turned out the best, were respectful, were kind and were good students, some came from very dysfunctional homes…and some came from excellent homes. Those that got on the wrong track in life did so when they began hanging around with children who’s parents were their children’s friend.

    It’s hard enough being a parent in this day and age…but when their friends parents begin feeding them liquor, doing drugs with them, allow them to move in…the best of parents have one heck of a battle in order to regain their children. It’s possible and sometimes it takes a long time.

    In the end all these people (like the Inglesino’s) move on. Your child is a distant memory, The damage they have caused, the wounds and scars to the soul, are life long. Be involved and becareful who you allow your children to hang out with..I believe the Canning’s did their best…but the party animal Inglesino’s were the real culprits.

  16. u r all obviously ignorant of teen behavior in reaction to disgusting home lives…pity your family if you have one

  17. I’m not trolling, I have valid points and observations that I feel compelled to share. But, I have a superslow, train wreck of a pc, so I have to work in delay mode. (really, it’s xp) I tried to post to you once an hour ago, but it shut down on me. I can’t wait til I get a new one, lol. I’m not defending him, not his mistress or other. I agree with you. It’s not at all likely that any 18 year old would even think to file for child support, so who did? He may have thought about a precedent setting NJ case, maybe a US Court case, his name all over it, then a run for the Senate. I’d say it backfired.
    I am amazed at how many people say such stupid, rotten things. She IS a kid. Whether we like him or not is our problem. He is a smart cookie, I could see him sueing to find out the IP addresses of the slanderers, maybe for all of them. Wouldn’t that be a rip. He’d out everybody and their screen name. Regardless, some of these idiots need a flick in the head, like their mothers should have done. I usually start out with something to say but get so preoccupied by the ignorance, I have some fun. And believe me, sometimes I laugh myself to tears. Even though you set yourself up, I’ll forget your last sentence because you do seem like a reasonable person. It’s been nice talking to ya.

  18. I cant believe how obvious it is you are trolling this site commenting on every fruitful observance of this douche bag lawyer, I recommend everyone mail, call, and work towards getting this guy disbarred and out of public office. Enabling an 18 year old anyone to sue their parents based on college tuition is absurd and illogical. Anyone who defends this guy, is either his friend, his mistress, or his daughters. I recommend you take your own username to heart and use your head first, a$$ second.

  19. whoohooo! You getting tired? you gotta do better than that jim, really. I’ll check the rest of the board, and check back in a few days, OK? And think about that date, please. How’s the Powder Puff Lounge, they said they know you, in fact you get the variety pak when you go. (Oooh, you like the dark ones. I bet I know why ….)

  20. How old are you? I just asked you out (look up a few lines), but I don’t think you are a very nice person. What is a low level genetic mutant, anyway? I don’t live in a sewer and fight crime. I don’t know jimbob, at least give me something i can laugh at, huh? Maybe it’s your name – jacked clown. Are you an italian bodybuilder? Probably not, even they are smarter than you.

  21. Why thank you, I guess I’m moving up(?) from f*ggot? Are you gay? You Homophobe. What happened to you that you are so traumatized? Don’t mistake pedophiles for being gay. I sense you were victimized at some time, I’m sorry. Don’t let it ruin your life, all this anger is like acid, it will eat you from the inside out. And why would you ask me a question only you know the answer to? Silly boy. So why are you picking on me, anyway? wah, wah. If you had some intellect there jimbob, we could have a discussion, maybe even while on a date. oooh-weee! How bout it, big boy?

  22. LOL, yea why? I’m a burning stick, am I? Don’t let your IQ get in the way of your words, there beaner. Why would that get you so irritated, JimBob? Don’t worry – you are not lawsuit material. I guess you have no family, Thank God. If you do, you better start praying, because when people say stuff like that it usually happens to them.

  23. sounds like you are (were?) one of those pos kids. only scum like her (and seems like you) act out to that extreme. I pity your parents.

  24. Lol I hope he gets your ip address and sues you…you really said that? Your a f*ggot. I hope nothing but the worse for your mother and family.

  25. You can jump in the tally line for morons, too. There is nothing obvious about me, except what I said. In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong about me, I am neither friend nor associate of Mr. I. But he should be excluded from any position, why? Oh, because you think something about him? don’t like him? Or do you know he committed a crime or other act that would preclude him from anything more than dog catcher?
    I do agree 100% with most of the second paragraph, except, like it or not, he is a very bright man. Self-serving perhaps, but bright. That’s the reason lawyers think the rest are so stupid, and we prove it over and over. So, read my name, then talk to me.

  26. —And YOU are obviously a friend/associate of this moronic attorney……Even if Mr. I. wouldn’t DREAM of laying a finger on an 18-year-old girl, his involvement in this whole (excuse me) affair reveals such a lack of basic common sense on his part, the man should be excluded from ANY public position of trust above city dog catcher…..
    —-To insert himself so obnoxiously into another family’s problems–to the extent of FRONTING an young woman $15,000+—-absent credible allegations of abuse (in which case, why didn’t he call the cops, instead of a lawyer?)—reveals a man either going through a mid-life crisis, or one who received an empty cap when they passed the brains around…………

  27. OMG you are such a millionaire! Not for long though, your name is going to be on the other side of versus soon. Can you say libel? defamation? slander? Well look them up, and transfer your money to someone else, quick.

  28. Oh my, how do you know they’re not? Can’t bring charges without evidence – you know that pesky but necessary component of a criminal charge? That would be a lawsuit he would definitely win. What’s really going on is millions of people jump to conclusions about things they think they read. Or in some cases, think they know. It’s called a rumor mill, and conclusion cliff.

  29. I must have missed something – what did JI already brag about? and to whom? Help me out here, my comprehension is low …. Or is this board outside of my skill level?

  30. You’re another idiot. You must live in Lincoln Park, cuz people from RT are smarter than that. you can’t possibly know the players in rockaway or you wouldn’t say stupid shit like that. I generally don’t call names, but you guys are making hard.
    In my opinion, >>>”very casually acquainted”<<< is an oxymoron. Just how do you define that term? Forget it, I hope he looks up your IP address and sues you. ROFLMAO

  31. so simple. what a bunch of perverted nitwits.
    He is self-serving, that is certain. He has aspirations that go beyond Morris County, most likely. He probably thought this woud get his name out there a bit, he’d have a precedent-setting case with his name on it – imagine the ripple effect throughout the country. Instead, it seems to have backfired. He gambled and lost. But it did shed light on some other unflattering issues for him. Be careful what you wish for …

  32. You clearly missed the writing skills or English Composition class, critical thinking, and Social Studies/US History, among others. WTF are you smoking? Do you know anything about how our society runs? Sending children to private school has nothing to do with what one does as a citizen or state-contracted employee. He could sit on a private school board, a public school board and do research on public school programs. None have anything to do with the others.

  33. This is a REALLY good point. I am so sick of politicos who send their kids to private while all the time insisting that they should control public schools.

  34. Why doesn’t Inglesino pay for Rachel’s college instead of her lawyer? This is ridiculous. This girl is doing something right now to damage her family, her parents and most probably herself that may estrange her from her family for a very long time. Someone who just turned 18 may not care, but as 28 year old, or a 40 year old, she may very well regret her current actions and their consequences. Her girlfriend’s father would serve her interests better if he got her out of the courtroom, out of his house and back to her parents. His involvement in all this is very, very weird.

  35. Do you know this to be fact…or could it be another one of John Inglesino’s brainstorm ideas to cover up the fact that HE is the one feeding under age children booze? This girl will say and do anything to remain in the good graces of that greasy old puke.Think about it. I hope that the Canning family, once all the facts come out, can sue that greasy $%&*@%$.

  36. Her NEW daddy got her drunk and ummm……. kissed her. I’d bet he does more than that with her. Who would blame him? She is kind of cute………….. and his own daughters are plain as mud. I’m SURE her realized that as soon as she came over for a drunken visit.

  37. What a schmuck this lawyer is, but then that’s a redundant statement. He makes lawyers look bad.

  38. Yea, your right, believe the wayward teen. Hey, she is 18…. an adult. She is welcome to leave and pay for her own education….. just like other 18 year olds do.

  39. a teen is sent strange seductive messages by her dad and made drunk on numerous occasions and u cretins approve and worry about a loss of patriarchal control and blame a lawyer…no wonder the USA is DOOMED with the ignorant masses that comment an indicator here….fckkeennn moronz

  40. Why is it that no one is investigating John Inglesino and his wife? It seems to me that the court would be concerned about the safety of all who are drinking while under age in the Iglesino home. What’s wrong with this picture and why haven’t charges been brought against these two? Is everyone sleeping or are they scared of John Inglesino? What’s really going on here?

  41. He’s obviously porking this girl….if he really wanted to help her he’d have given her that $13,000 to pay for the tuition instead of funding a meritless lawsuit. If I were Sean, I would find this guy and introduce him to my fist.

  42. so how do you explain/justify the obscene voicemail directed at her mom? Were they the fault of the parents too? Enablers like yourself are part of the problem. Justify unacceptable behavior.

  43. I was kind of thinking the same thing, “But” if that is the case why doesnt Mr. Inglesino pay for her education and support? He would be her sugar daddy wouldnt he?

  44. It is possible that the teen’s story is true. I have represented young adults and teens who are in the justice system. What most of them have in common is neglect, abuse or poor parenting. If she is a “spoiled brat” how did she get that way? Unfortunately, no matter the profession, education or income, many parents do abuse their children.

  45. “…Gov. Chris Christie’s School Funding task force…” I knew this skumbag had to have a connection with larda$$

  46. This is going on in my backyard, and I’m very casually acquainted with some of the “players”. In my opinion, she’s having an affair with Mr. Inglesino. I don’t see the “political gain” for him being associated with a seemingly spoiled brat like Ms. Canning. Now, I could be all wrong, and she could have told him some wild-ass story about her parents, but I don’t think so. He’s an attorney and officer-of-the-court. It would have been his duty to bring in police and other officials if there was wrong-doing on the part of the parents based on Ms. Canning’s story.

  47. I wonder what else John Ingelsino might eventually begin bragging about. At least to select friends in private conversation. Lawyers usually charge several hundred dollars per hour for their time…

  48. Just shows what scum he really is. If I were his partners I would be appalled and would want either his name or mine removed from the company. What a jerk!

  49. Here’s his office information:
    600 Parsippany Road, Suite 204
    Parsippany, New Jersey 07054
    Phone: (973) 947-7111

  50. What?, This Lawyer is on “Gov. Christie’s School Funding Task Force”
    From what I saw on TV, Inglesino’s daughter was also wearing her Catholic School uniform.
    WHY then is he appointed ANYTHING to do with PUBLIC Schools?
    The only thing he should be involved with is possibly serving on the Board of the Catholic school and NOT on a STATE level,
    Is he on the Catholic School’s Board, I do not know if Catholic Schools have School Boards?
    Is he financing this fight because he wants Private Schools guaranteed $$$ from tuition paid by parents with kids turning 18 before graduation?
    Perhaps he want to be seen as the Savior of Private Schools LOST TUITION?
    For an expensive education paid by well meaning parents that more than likely believe they are doing the best for their kids by sending them to these religious schools so they can be surrounded by children that have better EVERYTHING…definitely not kids that would EVER need school lunches.
    Reality Check….All this attention looks bad for the school since it did not teach this poor child the most basic laws of the USA, You are your parents responsibility until your the legal age of 18. There has to be a cut off at some age and the magic number is 18, it works for the majority of the population.
    Almost anyone with a child around that age knows that many 18 year olds are not very mature and certainly all of them are impressionable and can take BAD LEGAL ADVICE.
    I hope this school did not get on this lawyers bandwagon and support this crazy lawsuit at the expense of the families reputation.
    I read in another article that the other children at the school were spending their time raising money to pay tuition for her…wow to make that happen there needed to be some real parent bashing being facilitated and this lawyer certainly led the way with some of the comments he made publically about this students parents NOT CONTACTING HIM? cause the daughter was staying at his house, which is creepy.
    if there was sexual abuse and misconduct from her father when she was a minor- the lawyer FRIEND needed to address that with the proper authorities, not this self serving money making for him and ego serving lawsuit he advised, started accumulating hours for and set the plans in motion for it to happen.
    He did it fully knowing that it would bring National attention- Wondering if he or his employees even contacting the media?
    . You should not be able to have it both ways – If she was a minor, her privacy would of been protected and the court proceedings kept private, this was wrong in so many Ways. The judge trying to help in his capacity needed to go further and keep the proceeding private and not give a format for the counsel to become famous, the proceedings themselves are traumatic for both sides involved and shamefully it played out on national news.
    People are saying Hurtful horrible things about this girl, now a very young women. She could be anyone’s child (even those of you that taught your child to be respectful can have “friends” and lawyers like this one that can influence their actions)
    I hope this Young Adult gets the help she needs reuniting with her parents and she finds some TRUE friends that are not self serving, they are wrong telling her that she can make her own rules, party, misbehave in school and she is entitled to things she is not there needs to be a restraining order taken out by this young lady to keep her friends father away from her, perhaps the judge can insist on some counseling and assign her a state lawyer to represent her. She does not have the money to rack up the bills this lawyer, friend is so kindly accruing…I hope he is not on the clock if he ever reads these comments. This young women has no idea how lawyers work. She needs to run from his influence and society needs to cut her a break we were all young and ignorant once…the older adults…well SHAME on THEM.

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