Home Scandal and Gossip Rachel Canning sues her parents. ‘Dump your boyfriend or move out!’

Rachel Canning sues her parents. ‘Dump your boyfriend or move out!’

Rachel Canning sues her parents
Was Rachel Canning given an ultimatum to either dump her boyfriend or move out?

The father of eighteen year old teenager, Rachel Canning who is suing her parents has insisted that his daughter is not telling the whole side of the story and that he never kicked her out.

According to new reports, Sean Canning insists that his daughter Rachel Canning ran away of her own accord and was never given an ultimatum to dump her boyfriend or move out.

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Rachel Canning, 18 year old student sues parents for support after they kick her out. 

To date the NJ girl is taking her parents to court, mandating that her parents owe her financial support, remaining tuition on her pricey Catholic Morris high tuition as well as upcoming fees for her private college of choice.

Insisting that even though she is technically not living with her parents they are legally obliged to honor their commitment to her because they abandoned her physically and emotionally.

Not so tells Sean Canning.

‘We love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It’s killing me and my wife,’ Sean Canning wrote in a post on Facebook. ‘As you know, we love our children with all of our heart and soul and have placed them first in our lives since they were born. Whatever they wanted, they received. If it meant that we went without, then so be it.’

‘We love Rachel and wish she would wake up. We’re not draconian and now we’re getting hauled into court. She’s demanding that we pay her bills but she doesn’t want to live at home.’

Rachel Canning sues her parents

Although already having turned 18 and in the eyes of most law under no financial obligation of the parents, the girl’s lawsuit seeks to invoke the rare clause of non emancipation, that in essence Rachel Canning is at their mercy for her education and her upkeep.

‘Just because a child turns 18 does not automatically mean NJ parents can stop financial supporting him/her.’ reiterated the girl’s current caretaker, lawyer, John Inglesino.

Added family law attorney, Sheldon Simon: ‘A child is not emancipated until they’re on their own. Even if a child and the parents don’t get along, that doesn’t relieve the parents of their responsibility.’

To date Inglesino has shelled out of pocket $12,597 in legal fees on behalf of Rachel Canning as well as allowing her to stay in his home in Rockland, NJ.

To date, Rachel Canning’s father, Sean Canning has defended his actions online: ‘Late last summer, what started as normal teenage parent conflict and disagreements over life, rules and other things with Rachel suddenly escalated into full blown rebellion. ‘

‘Without getting into all of the details, which may or may not be made public, there were many instances where we set limits on Rachel’s behavior, and those limits were far exceeded.’

‘At the end of October, she decided she could do better on her own and ran away.’

Rachel Canning sues her parents

Rachel Canning sues her parents
Rachel Canning and her father Sean Cannning

Rachel Canning sues her parents

Of note the girl has already been offered a $20 000 scholarship to attend a NY private school, which school that is is not necessarily clear. That said, the aspiring biomedical engineer told that her first choice is the University of Vermont.

With respect to allegations that Sean Canning gave his daughter an ultimatum to dump her boyfriend or move out, the father tells:

‘She is claiming every possible allegation; allegations which are simply not true. These claims are beyond hurtful.

‘Although we do not owe anyone an explanation, we did want you all to know that the allegations that Rachel has claimed – amongst which include our abandoning her, as well as emotional and physical abuse – simply never happened. 

‘She ran away because she didn’t want to follow any rules. She stayed away because she had a place to go. That’s it. 

‘Bottom line. Rachel has and will always have a place in our home.’

Refuted the teenager: ‘My parents have rationalized their actions by blaming me for not following their rules,’ court papers filed on behalf of the teen claim. 

‘They stopped paying my high school tuition to punish the school and me and have redirected my college fund indicating their refusal to afford me an education as a punishment.’

‘A child is not emancipated until they’re on their own…Even if a child and the parents don’t get along that doesn’t relieve the parents of their responsibility,’ Simon told the DailyRecord.

Both sides are due in court this morning. Under the law, a parent has an obligation to support their children if they can’t stand on their own financially.

Rachel Canning sues her parents

Rachel Canning sues her parents

Rachel Canning sues her parents



  1. “Just doing his job” ie. making money for himself at the expense of others, ie. in the mold of John Edwards.

  2. Creative excuse! Unfortunately you’re guessing arseboca. More likely she’s another teenage girl on a power trip with her parents and who thinks she’s an adult but still makes childish decisions..

  3. This is why everyone hates our generation. Our women are the most spoiled little runts on the planet, worse than gen x women by far.

  4. drinking, running away…is all reactive behaviors to abuse, ever think he’s trying to help a kid who’s clearly filled with rage and self loathing from her father coming on to her? look up abuse u dumbbazz

  5. Maybe he is the boyfriend? Haha. Or maybe he supports her having a career in p0rn…because that is where this is headed.

  6. True. I wonder what financial expectations he genuinely has for this stunt. No way he truly feels like he is acting morally.

  7. He’s not really just doing his job…he’s her best friend’s father, who she’s living with right now, and he encouraged her to sue. He IS the ridiculous situation.

  8. As far as high school she can finish off her education in public school. However, I read in a different post that her parents financials are considered when seeking financial aid , no matter what her living circumstances maybe. If this is true , then obviously, the Federal government has clearly indicated that a parent is still financially responsible for a childs higher education. The young women therefore would be denied an education granted to another under similar financial circumstances based on a financial statement that gives her no direct benefit, this would not be right either. Also, just for the record, the judge comparing a persons desire to continue her education to a 15 year old suing for an x-box was idiotic. Lastly, if a 15 year were to bring a lawsuit for an x-box, sanction the money grubbing lawyer who took the case and that type of behavior would end quickly.

  9. The lawyer is just doing their job. I’ll bet when he goes home he realizes how ridiculous his position is. But if they have the money, they do the job. He has probably advised that there is an unlikely chance of winning. I dunno. The whole thing is nuts, and this dumb girl will be an example for the rest of the “entitled” teens.

  10. What a piece of work this lawyer and the Inglessimo guy must be! I hope they each wind up having an entitled daughter like this one.

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