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Why did Alex Hribal go on a stabbing rampage? Victim of bullying?

Alex Hribal
Why did Alex Hribal go on a stabbing rampage?

Alex Hribal has this afternoon been identified as the 16 year old perpetrator who went on a stabbing rampage at Franklin Regional High School student in MurrysvillePennsylvania early this morning.

During his outburst of violence, the youth who has since been apprehended and detained for questioning allegedly stabbed 20 people–19 students and a security guard–before being wrestled to the ground by another guard and an assistant principal, Sam King.

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Does Alex Hribal have a history of mental disease? 

Was Nate Scimio’s selfie out of line? Social media erupts 

Alex Hribal friend and motive: ‘He’s a shy guy who never gets violent.’ 

Sam King, Franklin Regional HS assistant principal wrestled knife out of 16 year old 

Nate Scimio pulls the alarm on Pennsylvania school stabber. Takes hospital selfie 

Why were 20 students injured in stabbings at Pennsylvanian high school? 

The epochtimes notes that Alex Hribal’s Facebook page contains little information, although there is a mentioning of Adolf Hitler.

Despite the severity of some student’s injuries, up to five were said to be critically injured, all of the victims are expected to survive.

Alex Hribai will be charged as an adult with one count of carrying a weapon on school property, four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault.

As of yet no official reason has been offered as to what triggered the attack, but police are looking into whether there was a ‘threatening phone call’ between Alex and another student the night before the attack.

Alex Hribal
via social media

In coming to terms with why Alex Hribal may have went about his assault, students who knew the stabber told that he may have been bullied.

Reiterated one user on twitter: ‘Yeah the kid may have been bullied. But you still have to be a piece of [expletive] to stab someone and try to take someone’s life,’

Reiterated junior Gracey Evans via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: I saw this kid in all black running down the hallway, stabbing,’

‘He was just stabbing everybody that was in his way.’

The stabbing motion is consistent with the sophomore student indiscriminately running down the hallway slashing at any one he could, perhaps in the belief that the whole school was guilty with the woe he had come to feel as the  result of purportedly being bullied.

Re tweeted Maria Satira of WNCT: ‘My brother knows the suspect and says he was bullied. All students are at the middle school. May soon be released.’

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.25.04 PM

Chron offered the following:  On Wednesday, Mia Meixner, 16, said the rampage touched off a “stampede of kids” yelling, “Run! Get out of here! Someone has a knife!”

The boy had a ‘blank look,’ she said. ‘He was just kind of looking like he always does, not smiling, not scowling or frowning.’

Meixner and Moore called the attacker a shy boy who largely kept to himself, but they said he was not an outcast and they had no reason to think he might be violent.

‘He was never mean to anyone, and I never saw people be mean to him,’ Meixner said. ‘I never saw him with a particular group of friends.’

ABC would add via the brother of a witness, Alex Hribal ‘wasn’t a real well-liked kid’ and had previously made death threats.

Told the source: ‘I guess the kids who got the threats just assumed it’s no big deal,’

The ibtimes has reiterated not much is known about Alex, although a Franklin Regional High School student told ABC News that he was a ‘pretty normal kid.’

Assuming normal kids don’t take to violently stabbing fellow school students.

Murrysville police Chief Thomas Seefeld said the bloody crime scene at the school, some 15 miles east of Pittsburgh, was ‘vast’ and may take a couple days to process.

Seefeld added that the suspect sustained injuries to his hand and was being treated for his wounds.

Heavy reports that one student told Fox News that the suspect came from a ‘good family.’

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal



  1. I know, its really stupid to think that a mental person had a mental breakdown… It must have been demons! It wont make any sense if it was just his brain malfunctioning in the physical sense! GHOSTS! DEMONS! SATAN! Fuck off.

  2. so you don’t have the guts to carry out your ramblings and instead resort to the same type of bullying that you advocate against. sad.

  3. so you know he’s wrong but you don’t have the answers to prove he is wrong? LOL — this is top shelf stupidity.

  4. “The bottom line is that bullying needs to stop . . . No matter what!”

    ” What I mean by that is sometimes the bullies kill the person being bullied.”

    i’m sorry that your thought process isn’t rooted in reality

  5. Go blow smoke up some parents ass’. While you are at it, do the same to the “teachers” of our schools. If you think posts on a website are failing kids today, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  6. Wow. Just wow. Reading the comments here and while agreeing in some point of MOST also noticing the horrible truth of our times. Assuming these are all adults, is it any wonder our youth at large is soooo very teetering on the edge? WE are in a sad state, we no longer hold intellectual debates or discourse. Remember the confused signals from adults on what way to please them and the internal feeling of that tinge of I internally feel different but so want adult acknowledgement and approval? All why fighting natural crazy hormone fluctuations? Just saying it looks like we are jamming up their signals with our own inability to be respectful of each other, our hard lines with each other affect them in a mass confusion way. WE are doing poorly.
    But as far as the replies to demonic possession, please share your scientific anthropologist statistics of any known culture on Earth that does not depict this belief? Please read Mere Christianity and then debate the material point by point. I’ll listen after you invest the time, which is the lesson our youth are missing. It shouldn’t matter to me if it didn’t matter enough for you to take the time to make the argument.

  7. The difference is this kid probably played violent video games at every opportunity ..for several years…this kid is probably VERY mentally ill..and bullied.

  8. No. It doesn’t make him a coward. He never ripped on my religious beliefs. He just said that he didn’t believe. Learn the difference, you coward.

  9. Maybe. Nothing wrong with becoming religious at any time for any reason. Again, you need prayers. God bless you.

  10. Many kids who deal with extreme bullying take some form of extreme action. It can be one of two things. Bullycide, where the victim kills themselves or school violence, because they see everyone there at the school as enemies. In one case we cry over the bullycide, in the other we demonize the child who committed the crime. It is an unfortunate truth and one we need to be much more atuned to.

  11. Wait, so he became religious when he he got scared? Doesn’t that make him a coward?

    Despite our differences, I hope he gets better.

  12. No. I am just confirming what i already knew of you. And that is . . . You are a coward. Any coward could rip on someone else’s beliefs when they are too much of a coward to have any of their own. It’s sort of like ripping on someone at work for their idea(s), yet not having any formed thoughts of his/her own.

    A while ago i found out that my bro-in-law supposedly didn’t believe in God. When i found out, i said one thing. And that was . . . “Wait until he runs into a serious health scare that makes him wonder if he is going to make it or not.” Well, he recently had a brain issue that neither he, nor his doctors could diagnose. As he became more concerned about the afterlife, he began to believe in that God he supposedly didn’t believe in before.

    With that said, just wait. Your time is coming. You best believe before it is too late. Dont worry, i will say a prayer for you. May God bless you and watch over you. And convert you. Amen.

  13. Wait… so because I know you’re wrong, I automatically must know the right answers? Because I don’t believe that the world is 4000 years old or that the earth is at the center of the universe or that dinosaur bones are a government conspiracy I must be “one o’ dem ‘ejukated’ lib queers”? My education didn’t change me, I changed when I saw how ridiculous, ignorant and naive religious people were, and I decided to not be a part of your group anymore… that was before college. I was homeschooled by religious parents, my decision was completely my own. You on the other hand? Your parents told you to be religious and now you’re an old man with the exact same views as your grandfather… good job

  14. Is there any chance you can understand my comment(s) within the context of the conversation?

    You obviously didn’t understand that my response was a generalization and wasn’t specific to the recent stabbings. Heck, i dont even know if this kid was bullied. But, i do think he has a mental illness. I just think that both need addressed by America.

    As far as those people who were stabbed go, i am very sorry for each and every one of them. And i hope ad pray for their full recovery.

    I do; however, think that we need to stop bullying. I also think we need to address mental illness. Sometimes the two are tied together. Sometimes they are independent.

    I am sorry that you are too clueless to understand the context of this conversation.

  15. Where did I say I had all the answers? Where did I say I was right? All I said was that you are wrong. You made references to demons and Satan and captain crunch infesting the soul of this child, all I did was tell you that you’re full of shit. Which is true.

  16. Okay, mr. Logic . . .

    Logically explain to all of us how you think everything came to be.

    You’re the typical fool that has no logic of his own. You’re one of the fools that had his “education” tell him how to think. Congrats . . . sheep!

  17. You are still incredibly stupid, you don’t know me at all and I am obviously way older than that if I have been on the internet since the 80s.

    What’s more, it appears that like many atheists, you have a bloodthirsty streak calling for mass numbers of deaths. Those are the reasons society pays attention to people like you with close scrutiny.

  18. I’m open to ideas that make sense, and blaming someone’s mental breakdown on demons, ghosts and the fiend gods Abercrombie and Fitch is just not logical when speaking about a human brain’s decision making process. Incase what I said went over your head, the brain isn’t some magical floating orb, it’s a flesh computer that can be flawed.

  19. logic? based on what? you assume you have all the answers and yet here you confirming just the opposite.

  20. No, I’m not one of those clowns with a co exist bumper sticker, I’m one of those clowns with a Brave New World bumper sticker. If it were up to me, I’d use all you religious nutjobs as human test rats. No co existence here… Just logic.

  21. I have been on the internet since the 1980s and I have always believed in God. There has NEVER been such a time as you pretend, but typical of atheist fools your little world is really insecure, when confronted with direct evidence that a vast majority of thinking people always have and always will think your atheism is foolish

  22. and you know this how? oh wait, you don’t….you’re just another one of those clowns with your co-exist bumper sticker that is open to the ideas of others unless of course you don’t agree with them. typical.

  23. while being bullied is not excusable your ‘logic’ is so beyond flawed its scary. seriously, get some help because you train of thought is derailed.

  24. if I am in the jury I would vote Guilty and hope the police would charge the bully also and I would vote guilty for them as well

  25. I really liked the internet better when the only people that knew how to access it believed in dinosaurs and evolution… Now its all full of religious nutjobs and imbeciles. There is no such thing as, “work of demons”, there are only psychological deficiencies, mental disorders… If you’re going to run around screaming “ghosts” everytime something happens, atleast have the common courtesy to not include us in your insanity. Change your nickname to something more appropriate, alot of us don’t want to be associated with you.

  26. I was bullied and teased mercilessly while in school. I’m in my 40s now. Pretty much a day didn’t go by when some jerk from the “popular” crowd wasn’t out threatening to beat the rest of us kids up. Girls constantly laughed and teased me about my looks, my hair, my build; the girls were the worst! Other “thug” types threatened and bullied me because of my grades. This went on for 12 years. Guess what? I got through it without killing, stabbing or shooting anybody, and I was far from the only one getting the constant abuse. I got into a lot of scuffles, a few outright fistfights, and I took a lot of towel popping to the ass, face and genitals. It’s all a part of life in American schools. I’d say look to the whether or not the kid was on SSRI drugs, or if he recently quit taking them suddenly. It’s almost always the case in these mass shootings/stabbings, inside and outside of schools.

  27. Tom

    Please know that for each and every bully out there, you will find someone like me who will try his very best to stand up for the one being bullied. I am sorry that you had to put up with a lot of crap in high school. I may not be the toughest anti-bully person out there, but I certainly would have stood up for you if I saw that you were truly being bullied.

    With that said, I believe that you have understood Hamster completely incorrectly. She means no harm to you or anyone who has been bullied. I, likely you, was misguided in my initial understandings of Hamster. Please reconsider your posts directed at her. You are better than that. I really believe it. May God watch over you. Sincerely.

  28. You’re right, Frater. Working out differences is stupid. It’s much better to post sarcastic comments.

  29. WOW LMAO.. You both just bullied each other and then realized you we’re stupid to be arguing about the same thing and then made up for it. SAD to say there are stupid people just like you who run this country LOL! Try rationally talking first about the issue as opposed to egotistically fighting each other and becoming the thing your fighting about LOL!
    Just wasted time reading your posts–

  30. Tom – You may want to talk to your priest about your anger management issues. I’m dead serious. I’m not picking on anyone. You, on the other hand, are threatening me and in reading over some of your other posts, I see that I’m not alone. Enjoy confession.

  31. I mean every word of my posts, I put up with pieces of crap like you in high school, but was lucky enough to have enough friends to survive the viciousness of bullying. Adn I see you in the world today, driving for a living, doing the same bullying you learned in childhood.

  32. If you want to meet, hamster I’d love to, and try to show what should happen to bullying creeps. But, of course that will never happen because like all bullies, you are in the end a coward how only picks on the weak who can’t fight back and cause you damage.

  33. You are the kind of f—, hamster, that had I had the guts would have beat silly in high school. You are a bully, just by your writing, and I hope some day, you do run across someone who will take you apart and leave you drooling in a wheelchair. It is the fate you so richly deserve.

  34. That’s actually reason No. 7,321 and counting. I’d probably settle to upping the voting age to 30 but in a perfect world society doesn’t have to heed the whims of people who feeeeel instead of think. The old ways are the best ways.

  35. Just because a female didn’t agree with a comment you feel all women shouldn’t be allowed to vote? That is the exact attitude that perpetuates the “male domination” mind set. It’s truly disgusting.

  36. I just now saw this. It takes a big man to admit that. I’m impressed. Thank you. I know you didn’t mean it. In the heat of things, we all spew things out of anger – God knows I’ve got a mouth on me!

  37. So according to you Daniel Monge he is not guilty because he was “bullied”? This kid was doing the work of demons, going around stabbing innocent people. And always someone like you to stand up for him and say demonic activity is ok because whatever whatever

  38. Thank you. And, I am sorry for how I treated you. Take care of yourself, and be very proud. You are quality.

  39. I appreciate the response. And, i thank you for the civility, as well.

    Your post here now fits in well with the most important reason why I believe I fight my nieces battles as much as I do.

    This niece of mine is the only young girl on her side of the family. That wouldnt have to be the case if it wasnt for one thing. Or, should I say, three things? Those three things are three previous girls who were born years before her. These three young childrenwere all murdered before my niece was born. In knowing that she is theonly girl onthat side, who fought for her life at nine months old, I most certainly fiercely protective of her and will fight many of her battles. Because Iamnot about to let this girl lose her life by either 1) giving up due to bullies or 2) going to jail because she snapped to the wrong degree as the authorities never helpedher when the “bullying” or bullying was really happening.

  40. First of all, thank you for being civil. I appreciate it. I am not more concerned about the use of the word as opposed to the meaning behind it. I have stated, kids (and adults) must be held accountable for their actions. Once that happens, the rest will fall into place. Obviously, “fall into place” is a gross over-simplification, but in a perfect world . . . I have a feeling if you take a step back before the knee-jerk reaction of going on the attack, you may see people agree with you more often than not. No one should go out of their way to harm another person whether it be physical or mental; I believe the mental fucking with is much worse and trust me, I know of what I speak. I was an abused child and battered wife – I get it. However, one makes a choice on how their past will define them. I chose to not be defined by my past, but to be a stronger person and a better mother because of it. I am fiercely protective of my children and would love to fight all their battles. I know I would be doing a grave injustice to them if I were to do so. It’s a fine line to be a Mama Lion and Doting Lamb. Somehow it is possible though. 🙂

  41. I am not proud of it. I was just making a point. And, you got the point.

    Now that you did, i am sorry for what I wrote. I really didn’t mean it.

  42. One other thing I failed to mention about my niece. Her daddy died of a heart attack when she was six. The bullies ripped on her for not having a daddy anymore, too.

    So, you bet your damn ass I am “deeply wounded” and will ALWAYS stand up for my niece when I perceive that she is being bullied.

  43. In addition, what must stop is true bullying. If you address that, then i would agree with addressing the use of the word too much. But, our priorities are truly messed up when people like you seem to be more concerned about using the word too much BEFORE true bullying.

  44. I agree that some are throwing the word “bully” around too easily and often. However, you assume that this is one of those cases. No matter if he was or wasn’t bullied, he didn’t deserve the right to do what he did. And, yes, he is a piece of shit. But, my point is that we still have a serious problem with bullying, whether it is really bullying or not. Why do we continue to take that chance by not working on a viable solution for it?

    And, yes, i do have a lot of anger on this subject. You know why? Because i was truly bullied when I was a kid. I used to get chased right off of our school bus by three brothers on an every other day basis. And, when they couldn’t catch me, they would go after one of my sisters and beat her head off of the nearest tree. No, I didnt go nuts on them like this. But, I did throw a rock through their front window in order to draw them outside . . . Only to get my ass kicked by 3 on 1. But, i did make a point

  45. Wow Steve – you sitting behind your computer pretty proud of yourself for that one? You seem like quite the bully to me. You think your opinion is the right one and won’t listen to logic. You didn’t get under my skin at all. So sorry. You’re merely a waste of my time.

  46. Steve – obviously you and your family have been deeply wounded by insensitive idiots regarding your niece and I’m truly sorry for that. However, if you look at the big picture, people are throwing the word “bully” around which in and of itself has become a weapon. It must stop. People need to learn to deal with their emotions. If kids are being little assholes, they need to be taken to task for it. However, nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies the brutal attacks that have been commonplace today. All because “someone hurt my feelings.” Rodney King had it right – we all need to get a long. You seem to have a lot of anger and come across as quite bombastic. I understand you are protecting your niece but come on, there is more going on here. It’s not about color/gay/straight/religion . . . it’s anything someone perceives as different. It is out of control and all the talk about it is only makes things worse – not better.

  47. Are you sure your name isn’t gerbal, hamster? We all know you like them, and take them.

    I love that i got under your skin. You are weak. Thanks for proving a point here.

  48. You do realize that it can go the other way, don’t you? What I mean by that is sometimes the bullies kill the person being bullied.

    The bottom line is that bullying needs to stop . . . No matter what!

  49. I see we have another moron, in you, hamster. Congrats dipshit! Your (and those like you) clueless ways are the reason this issue won’t go away.

  50. I see that you have no clue about bullying. Below is something i recently wrote regarding bullying. Until morons like you wake up, the issue will not be fixed.

    “Reporting bullying has done ziltch from my experience. My poor niece didn’t report the many times she was bullied (all because she had open heart surgery at nine months old and looks different because she doesn’t grow as big as the “normal” students. She is a teenager now). But, her mother did. What happened as a result? The teachers and, believe it or not, principal did nothing. After it happened again . . . still nothing. After the third time, a meeting was set up with the teachers, principal, and mother. It seemed to have subsided. However, that may only be because threats of attorneys and lawsuits were possible against the school, teachers and principal. Do I think my niece has a mental disorder? Absolutely not! But, what if the next person that has to deal with bullying FOR THE THIRD TIME, has enough of it and doesn’t think clearly enough to find a viable solution? I hardly call it a mental disorder at that point. Why our schools in America aren’t addressing solutions to bullying is beyond me? The fact that they can’t remedy this kind of stuff says more about how pathetic we all are as a society, as opposed to mental disease issues, imo. If we are thinking that this only happens because of mental disease, then we are too late at addressing the underlying issue(s) most of the time, imo.”

  51. So, if someone is bullied, it is “okay” for them to try and kill/injure innocent others? How in the world does that even make sense? I hope you are a delusional kid and not an adult that would potentially be a jury member. You are probably the same type of person that thinks that if someone grew up in a tough family environment, they have free reign to steal, kill, rape, do drugs and beat children/pets because it isn’t their fault. It is the fault of their upbringing.

  52. What is your definition of “bullied?” then? Hate to break it to you, Danny, but everyone at some point in their life has been or will be bullied. We need to teach our kids to deal with their issues without running to get a knife/gun or a beer or a joint. Of course there are lines which could be crossed. If Alex were being threatened or teased and things were out out of control with no help in sight, there is a problem with the adults surrounding him, but if he was simply teased due to the fact he (insert perceived abnormality here: glasses/big nose/mom jeans/funny last name . . .), he needs to grow a pair and learn to laugh with everyone. We cannot and should not shield our kids from teasing. There are some kids who think being looked at is being bullied and that’s due to our society as a whole buying into “my life should be perfect and if it’s not, someone should pay.” Deal with your shit. God forbid you live in California and are on a jury here. I don’t want to think of you as my “peer.”

  53. & What is the true definition of being bullied? Everyday disagreements between high school students and middle school students are being viewed as a situation of being “bullied”, this bullIed concept has been blown out of proportion shame on anyone who thinks stabbing 20 people is okay because he was bullied….if he was aimlessly stabbing..he was most certainly not just stabbing at the specific individuals who truly bullied him.Stick this little asshole in jail, he is harmful to society.

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