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Does Alex Hribal have a history of mental disease?

Alex Hribal mental
Were there signs that Alex Hribal had mental health problems? (image via youtube screen shot)

As authorities and the media world plow into the circumstances of what led to Alex Hribal, a 16 year old Franklin Regional High School sophomore student going off on a wild stabbing escapade, questions are now being asked about Alex Hribal’s mental state of mind.

Described as quiet, shy, coming from a good family and never having exhibited any violence, media pundits are now wondering if the youth may have exhibited undetected mental health problems?

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Reflects ibtimes: Authorities have not detailed a possible motive in the attack, but the district attorney said the teenager made “statements” to officials that “he wanted to die”. However, Hribal did not have a known history of depression or any other mental illness.

Added Alex Hribal’s lawyer, Patrick Thomassey: ‘I’m not sure he knows what he did, quite frankly. We have to make sure that he understands the nature of the charges and what’s going on here. It’s important that he be examined by a psychiatrist and determined where he is mentally.’

Reiterated the lawyer: ‘He’s a typical young kid. He’s a B+ student. The family is like Ozzie and Harriet. They have dinner together every night,’

‘He worked well in groups, and this happened. So there’s a reason for it — that’s what I’m saying. And we have to get to the bottom of that,’

‘All the students liked him.’

Addressing the issue of whether Alex Hribal had been bullied at school, the lawyer offered:

‘I heard these rumors about being bullied. I don’t believe that’s true,’

‘I’m sure that at a certain point we’ll find out what caused this. Maybe there is something that was going on at school that I’m not aware of yet or his parents aren’t aware of yet.’

Added student Morgan Ritchey, who had two classes with Hribal, ‘he was a little misunderstood.’

‘I just always felt like he had a different side to him that nobody knew and it was, like, hard to uncover.’

To date authorities tell there are no obvious clues that Alex Hribal was troubled — no inflammatory social media postings or reports to authorities.



  1. why does everyone think he has mental illness, maybe he is just a evil person, not everyone thats kills someone or tries to is mentally ill, lets face it he might just be a very bad person that has no regard for human life and has nothing but hate in his heart.

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