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Rachel Canning torn apart by twitter.

Rachel Canning twitter
The love affair for Rachel Canning @rachecanning has descended into outright hate…

It seems there has been little to no mercy for 18 year old Rachel Canning on tweeter today as the social media outlet has taken to literally tearing the student/cheerleader to smithereens after launching a lawsuit against her parents.

With a rising trend of condemnation against the Morris Catholic High school attendee, twitter users have unanimously sided with the girls’ parents, calling her everything from an outright liar, c**t, shameless and anything reeking of self entitled youth trying to get one over.

Rachel Canning got drunk and vomited in John Inglesino’s garbage bin. 

Lucas Kitzmiller, Rachel Canning boyfriend: ‘She’s bad news!’ 

Why is lawyer John Inglesino really backing Rachel Canning? 

Why Rachel Canning court case is good news for parents. 

Judge denies Rachel Canning financial support. ‘Such gross disrespect!’ 

Rachel Canning bulimic: ‘Daddy used to get me drunk and kiss me.’ 

Rachel Canning sues her parents. ‘Dump your boyfriend or move out!’ 

Rachel Canning pictures. Who is this brat suing her parents? 

Rachel Canning, 18 year old student sues parents for support after they kick her out. 

To date the teen has been labelled an ‘incredulously rebellious teen’ by her father, Sean Canning, a retired police chief whilst things turned completely diabolical in court where the teenager’s parents ostensibly called her an outright liar and a cunning young woman who took to breaking curfews and coming back at the dead of night.

That though pales in comparison to what Rachel Canning told of her parents, essentially accusing them of instigation an emotional breakdown that led to her experiencing bulimia and going down to as low as 92 pounds.

Other unsettling allegations included her father attempting to get the teen drunk and kiss her.

Reflects poignantly ibtThe harsh tweets aimed at Canning are, of course, not unusual at a time when the heroes and villains of viral news stories are designated almost instantly in the court of public opinion. A cached version of Canning’s Twitter account revealed that her last public tweet was on Feb. 28, when she wrote that stress was turning her grey at an early age.

Here are some tweets making the rounds this afternoon. See what you think….

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter

Rachel Canning twitter


  1. I disagree with what this girl has done and I think she’s a spoilt brat. However, I think your parents did a FAR worse job of raising you than hers did raising her, you vile, sexist pig.

  2. Our generation has the most spoiled cunts ever. Worse than gen x women. No wonder everyone hates us. MEN, STEP UP AND KEEP THESE BITCHES in CHECK. IF YOU HAVE DAUGHTERS DON’T ALLOW YOUR BABIES MOMMA TO INSTILL FEMINISTIC BITCH IDEALS IN HER

  3. This is what happened when ultra-spoiled people are told “no” for the first time in their lives. They lash out and get angry… like petty little kids. Of course, she’s probably too dimwitted to realize what a fool she’s making of herself in the first place.

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