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Miriam Weeks petition to expel Duke student. Garbage now thrown at her.

Miriam Weeks petition to expel
Life for Miriam Weeks aka Belle Knox is becoming harrowing at Duke.

Things are not looking particularly too bright for Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks in real life as the Duke College student today admitted that students at the school have sought to have her expelled.

So dire have things have become at the school, the resilient Miriam Weeks has told that these days she finds herself ducking garbage thrown at her.

Brought on by ABC‘s ‘The View’ where the adult film actress is once again taking advantage of the heightened media attention to publicize her wares (she has since made an eye boggling 30 films since being outed last month) the Duke fraternity college student nevertheless told she still felt empowered with her choice of vocation.

Offered Belle Knox: ‘For centuries, sex workers have been the untouchables of society. I’m sick of it, I’m taking a stand against it.’

The actress told that although her family were not initially aware of her decision to partake in the adult entertainment industry, they now, according to Miriam Weeks ‘are fully supportive of her.’

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Outed Duke College freshman insists she’s proud to be a porn star.

She would go on to shock the round table mother hen’s table when she admitted to having been an avid watcher of porn since the age of 12.

Asked by chief hen, Barbara Walters why she could not work at something else to help pay her way through college, the actress replied: ‘I’m an 18-year-old without a college degree. Any other job would not have footed the bill.’

Belle Know would then describe her career in porn as ’empowering’ because it allowed her to make decisions in a ‘safe, controlled environment’.

However it’s when she told of her life on campus that things became somewhat harrowing.

‘I have received numerous death threats, people threatened to throw garbage on me. There are petitions online to have me expelled from Duke. It’s been a hostile, unsafe, unwelcoming  environment.’

However Miss Weeks remained upbeat saying that she plans to graduate from Duke with her class and wants to become a lawyer for civil rights, particularly women’s rights. She is unsure whether she will continue in her porn career after college.

Interest and curiosity in the Duke College fraternity student remains vigilant and sure not to abate any time in the near future…

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