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JetBlue restrains Trisha Sen after scratching pilot. No more alcohol please!

Trisha Sen
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It seems Christmas celebrations were a bit too much for one JetBlue flier.

Case in point, Trisha Sen, 39 managed to find herself being restrained by flight crew on Christmas eve after she went into a dizzy tizzy after being denied further alcohol favors.

At the time, Sen was on the way from Los Angeles to Ft Lauderdale when she exhibited aggressive behavior. Refused further drinks, the surly passenger is said to have scratched the pilot’s arms after he came to address the on deck commotion.

Countered Trisha Sen: ‘I was not drunk.’

‘I was merely trying to get back to my seat when flight crew attacked me.’

But that’s not the way cops saw it. Told the ensuing police report: ‘He was scratched on both arms while trying to restrain suspect Sen who was disruptive and failing to comply with the flight crew’s instructions while in flight. I did observe numerous scratches on the victim’s arms.’

Went on to tell Jet Blue via a statement: ‘On December 23, a customer onboard Flt 100 LAX-FLL exhibited aggressive behavior and had to be restrained. Local law enforcement met the aircraft upon arrival. We are cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation.’

For her part, Trisha Sen went to Fort Lauderdale court on Christmas day where she showed the judge the bruises up and down her arms. The judge told Sen she needed to save that information for her upcoming trial in Ft.Lauderdale.

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