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Dunkin Donuts customer insists on free food when they fail to receive receipt.

Dunkin's Donut customer
Because Dunkin’s Donut customers always know better…

Oh really? Dunkin Donuts employee to be recognized as a hero for putting up with wack customer.

Making headlines is the particular behavior of one Dunkin Donuts customer who went on an all out assault for some free goodies all on account because she wasn’t given a receipt. Hmm…

Approaching a cashier clerk, the woman behind the video, whose face we don’t see until the 4.32 mark into her quite painful 8 minute video goes on to explain to the baffled cashier girl that she’s been video taped and that last night she came by bought some yummies but had to suffer the indignity of not being offered a receipt. Which of course is double speak for you now owe me more new goodies now.

Explains gawker, cause I have yet to master the etiquette of visiting fast food vendors:

Dunkin’ customers who don’t get a receipt with their order are entitled to a refund on their purchase.

What they are not entitled to, however, is to act like dicks about it.

But of course a dick she will be (and that really is so much of the fun anyway as you push up against your sofa and watch the good shit…)

Nevertheless the cashier somehow manages to remain cool and unperturbed as she tries to deal with the freak show desperately trying to score herself  a free small Strawberry Coolatta. But as she insists: “I have a business degree.”

Cause a business degree and a missing receipt will always ensure you carte blanche at your local Dunkin’s Donut.

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  • Shiznaw

    of course…she’s white.

  • Schmice

    I think the woman is mentally ill. Listen to her. She deserves our pity.