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Steubenville High school leaked video now leads to demands for Michael Nodianos’ expulsion.

Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos

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Should Michael Nodianos be expelled because of the viewpoints he expressed?

Michael Nodianos, the individual in the center of leaked anonymous tapes courtesy of ‘hackivist’ group Anonymous is now facing the real possibility of being expelled (see below) from Ohio State University where he is said to have started as a freshman this past September.

In fact not only is the young man facing calls for his expulsion, he is also facing calls for the repudiation of a scholarship offered to him as well.

As bustedbichesandinternetstalkers goes on to note at present Ohio State has yet to comment on the matter or what action if any it will take on Nodianos.

On another front one also has to wonder, irrespective of how distasteful or alarming Nodianos’ comments and views are, should he necessarily be punished for expressing them, no matter how palatable the majority of us finding them?

The issue once again highlights the moral ambiguity and hazard that groups like Anonymous are creating by calling attention to individuals and entities it sees as complicit in nefarious undergoing. On one hand one ought to be relieved that such outings and bad behavior are brought to the public’s attention but one also wonders the degree of legal impunity and culpability that groups like Anonymous are sidestepping that most legal media outlets are honored to follow in order to preserve autonomous discussions and not unneccarily disrepute or discredit individuals or entities said to be pursuing on the surface illicit or disturbing acts or views.

Reflected a variety of readers on the web:

While it is sad that justice is not being delivered by the legal system or the society supporting the perpetrators, there is an ironic mix of justice and vengeance in knowing that these hacktivists have meted out a form of punishment to the perpetrators and their enablers that is similar to the rape of this poor girl: they’ve attacked and humilated the offenders without giving them the means of fighting back.  
Furthermore, just as the victim will always haunted by this incident to some degree for the rest of her life, so now will the perpetrators everytime they apply for a job or college admissions, or whenever a potential love interest or their future children decide to look them up on the Internet.


Good for Anonymous. Certain types of crime need this modern lynch-mob treatment. Relying only on the courts or the authorities does not stop certain crimes, or the creepy fallout from them — sometimes it is society, the community, itself that has to step up and stop activities, and mete out justice.

The below is via Ohio State University Facebook page

Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos

Commented alumni member Johnny Dee : is OSU a rapists school? Im more than a bit disgusted after watching a video of a young man who should be strung up, not receiving a scholarship. If that little girl had been my daughter he would already have received justice. wtf is happening to this country where behavior such as this is covered up?

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There are calls by alumni for the staff, students and other alumni to petition the university for his immediate removal as well.



  1. Oh, so maybe you can provide a link to all those things I mentioned.

    Oh, that’s right, they haven’t been released by Anonymous yet because they don’t exist. So, shut the fuck up about it.

  2. You should probably read an article on the case if you’re going to talk about it as you clearly don’t understand what happened. Your “better be’s” make no sense in light of the actual case.

  3. No, he doesn’t. And if that’s all the prosecution has then they are going to lose – big time.

    There had better be a toxicology report, witnesses or a video of the actual rape. Why hasn’t “Anonymous” released those things to the public?

  4. The Ohio State University · 471,740 like this15 minutes ago ·

    Michael Nodianos is no longer a student at The Ohio State University.

  5. And you should be made to review the Duke Lacrosse case before publicly trashing an individual before the trial.

  6. Did you just compare this multiple gang-raping that this young woman suffered to being exposed online? I see the sentiment and provocation, but in the end they are completely different things.

  7. Who is this writer that doesn’t know the basic meaning (never mind any possible nuances) re: the concept “viewpoint?” There is no striking conflict, here, between two poles! How unsophisticated & ridiculous. False argument. The idiot’s an obvious, stomach-turning miscreant. He’s describing a rape! His parents should be tied down & made to view their lovely son a billion time through. Revolting!!!

  8. If so, and anyone can produce his class schedules, we can meet this piece of dung in person inside his classroom. Perhaps announcing to the other students who this freak is will accomplish something.

  9. Thanks for caring enough to take some action! According to info dug up by Anonymous and LocalLeaks, and confirmed in several comments by students, the fall semester ended Dec. 12; no students have attended class since that date.
    What everyone is waiting to see is if this piece of shit is in class on Monday, Jan. 7, when the spring term begins.

  10. Caylee Anthony was one of the many “deader than” so-called jokes this piece of shit made in between his freakishly high-pitched giggles.

  11. He consented to that video. In fact, he was clearly playing up to the camera. He was complicit in a crime and that video was about humiliating the girl even more. They obviously thought they could tweet, post videos and photographs with impunity. More public humiliation for the young girl. This young man has had his say. He’s expressed his point of view. What’s all this boo-hooing because it ended up in the “wrong hands” — in the public domain. He is a victim but he had choices. No-one made him say what he said. No-one forced him to be videoed. No-one drugged him so he was completely helpless. The issue is more one of privacy. But if this case had been dealt with fairly and openly, there would be no need for a group like Anonymous to violate this young man’s privacy. But Anonymous gave fair warning. Now it’s open season. I do feel sorry for this young man. This will haunt him for life. But if this serves as a warning for other young men… if other young men can now see that the only “manly” thing to do would be to step in and stop what was happening, then hanging this kid, and his friends, out to dry will be worth it.

  12. This guy not only describes the rape -he comments on aspects of the raped girls anatomy that could only be ascertained by physical contact with her genitals. Disgusting thing to notice. I think this is as close to a full confession that you can get without actually confessing.

  13. Steubenville parents have so much to be proud of!
    The Prosecutor is over-rating the size of the internet audience. His case has NOT been “hijacked”. The significance of the internet needs to be downplayed and established early on in the case.
    There is a plethora of non-internet users in Stupidsville.
    Prep the gallows ! Hang ’em high !!

  14. [email protected]

    That’s his email address. Feel like telling the creep what a repugnant waste of life he is? Have at it. Prefer something more personal like a letter in the post? Sure thing:

    Michael Colin Nodianos
    4031 Argonne Ave
    Steubenville, OH 43952

  15. “On another front one also has to wonder, irrespective of how distasteful or alarming Nodianos’ comments and views are, should he necessarily be punished for expressing them, no matter how palatable the majority of us finding them?”

    No, “one” doesn’t have to wonder. He witnessed a rape and did nothing, and laughed about it. I strongly suspect most colleges would consider that behavior unbecoming their enrollees. Boo-fucking hoo.

    Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from consequences for one’s speech.

    “…these hacktivists have meted out a form of punishment to the perpetrators and their enablers that is similar to the rape of this poor girl”

    No they haven’t. Being held responsible for heinous actions is not at all similar to being gang-raped.

    You are a moral imbecile.

    P.S. If it hadn’t been for Anonymous leaking this Nodianos scum’s little jokey video, nothing at all would have happened to these rapists and their enablers.

  16. It seems to me that she is still in that room unconscious while this video is being made, which is confusing as Anonymous says that she was urinated on at the end of the attack when they dumped her on the Cole’s lawn and he talks about her being urinated on. I’m trying to get a consistent story. It’s all so tragic and horrid.

  17. This disgusting excuse for a human being was talking about an underage girl after she had just been repeatedly raped, discarded outdoors like a piece of trash, and urinated on. He forfeited his rights when he chose to violate another human being like he did. He’ll be lucky if expulsion is the only bad thing that comes from his participation in the kidnapping and rape of a young girl and subsequent taped admission.

  18. It blows my mind how some, like this site says is it fair what anonymous has done and this boy was just expressing freedom of speech. WTF. I am SO PROUD of ANONYMOUS as cases like these as we see are commonly swept under the rug. These boys would of gotten a slap on the wrists and gone on to successful carerrs while this young girl FOREVER has these images and comments attached to her name. FINALLY scumbags are seeing that they will not be quietly dealt with but this AMAZING group is outing them to be seen for what they are-RAPIST SOCIOPATHS. Also, there is law..18USC….
    whoever, having knowledge of the actual, commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the USA conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military autority under the USA shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.
    So, maybe im wrong but on the video he says, she was “dead” meaning she was passed out. He mentions her being raped and urinated on. He knows he just witnessed a crime so isnt he legally obligated to report this crime??????

  19. I’ve not seen the video (from the descriptions, I don’t think I could handle it), but I believe (I’m not a lawyer) that if the video shows he was present during any part of the molestation (not just the rape act itself; any molestation of a person under the age of consent is, I believe, a felony in most places) didn’t report it, makes him an accessory to the crime. Unless he claims he was coerced into silence, which, again, if the descriptions reported are accurate, will be pretty hard to support.

  20. I quietly hope Mr. Nodianos is visited by family members of Chris Henry’s and Andy Reid’s for his insensitive comments on their respective tragedies. I mean honestly…who jokes about stuff like that? What’s wrong with the kids these days? There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for ones actions anymore in this country. We need to start rewarding the good guys and shunning the bad ones.

    What a bunch of classless kids these inadequate parents have dumped on our society. Thanks Stuebenville…

  21. He did participate and Anonymous is finding more rapes by the Rape Crew, of which he was a member.

  22. I wrote to the President of OSU and here is his reply:

    Ms. {Wheels}:

    Thank you for taking the time to write. Please be assured
    that the University is aware of this video, and continues to closely monitor
    this case and the situation in Steubenville. To the extent that
    there are inquiries about any Ohio State student, the University is not at
    liberty to comment due to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    regulations, other than to confirm that the student in question was in
    attendance at Ohio State only through December 12.


    E. Gordon Gee


  23. wrong. there are PLENTY of laws in place that restrict the 1st amendment- amongst them- slander, copyright, child porn, advertising lies, and most importantly in this case, OBSCENITY. these laws exist because it is in the best interest of a society.

    on top of that, this really shouldn’t even be a freedom of speech issue because if he witnessed the crime and didn’t stop it or even joined in, he should be prosecuted as an accessory.

  24. Plus the first amendment does not apply here. If you do something illegal or immoral, a school has every right to boot your ass out. So does your employer.

  25. Comments he made in the video point to the possibility that he participated in the assault as well as doing nothing to intervene. That is why people are so upset.

  26. You realize that he’s talking about a rape which is either literally occurring as he’s speaking or has finished moments before? You don’t think he deserves any justice? He may not have broken any laws on the books but he deserves punishment nonetheless. I hope he gets everything that’s coming to him.

  27. First, not all speech is protected by first amendment. Second, I’d hardly call this dude’s description of an on-going or recently-finished rape a viewpoint which needs to be protected by free speech. You act as if he’s facing expulsion for voicing an unpopular political or social sentiment. Wrong. He’s describing how this girl was raped, anally sodomized and pissed on by his friends and he’s laughing his ass off about it. Third, Universities are not required to school anyone. It’s a privilege, not a right. Fourth, this dude is a scumbag and every ounce of justice he gets, whether it’s from the judicial system or from the internet community, is totally deserved.

  28. Enrollment and scholarship are privileges, not rights. Any college or university can assess the character (or in this case, complete lack thereof) of any student, and determine whether or not they’re a suitable representation of that institution’s values. The First Amendment prohibits government regulation of speech. It does NOT protect the individual from liability for their speech.

    That’s all probably lost on you, though. There’s bound to be a chorus of date-raping yah-d00ds all screaming “First Amendment, bro!” through this whole debacle.

  29. “Should Michael Nodianos be expelled because of the viewpoints he expressed?” He’s describing a rape you jackass, not expressing viewpoints.

  30. Uh, if there is no evidence other than a drunk dumbass speaking crudely, no recourse should be taken at all. 1st amendment.

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