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Steubenville High school students joke about rape in video leaked by Anonymous.

Michael Nodianos,
Michael Nodianos,
 Michael Nodianos,
Michael Nodianos,

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Steubenville High school was once again put through its paces after the hacker group, Anonymous made good on its threats and leaked a 12 minute video showing teens at the school making jokes about a rape of an underage girl  that transpired on August 22 of last year by athletes at the school.

The video came after earlier threats to further expose individuals and suspects that the group believes to be part of the purported rape or the covering up of said rape, who failed to come clean by the allotted date of January 1st 2013.

The video, gory for the detail and candid attitudes it expresses, captures one individual, Michael Nodianos refer to the victim as ‘deader than’ Trayvon Martin, adding that ‘she is so raped her pussy is about as dry as the sun right now.’ Perhaps what makes the below video even more horrifying is the inference through out  the video that it may have been shot whilst the underage teenager  was being raped nearby, which suggests that individuals may have been indeed aware of what was going on but instead chose to stay quiet or refuse to assist her.

During the 12 minute reel, at least two other individuals who doesn’t appear on camera interrupt Nodianos to let inform him that the situation is anything but a laughing matter.

‘It is rape. They raped her,’ one of them says.

Later, he chastises Nodianos, saying: ‘Like, this is not like funny… what if that was your daughter?’

Nodianos responds: ‘But it isn’t. If that was my daughter, I wouldn’t care. I would just let her be dead.

‘And is it really rape if you don’t know if she wanted to or not? She might have wanted it. That might have been her final wish.’

The names Trent and Ma’lik, are also mentioned in the video – the names of the suspects in the case – Trent Mays and Malik Richmond.

To date witnesses have been unwilling to come forward with respect to other individuals outside of Mays and Richmond who were part of the ‘rape crew,’ despite enticement from authorities and general increasing media interest in the story. The assertion of rape has also led to the school being divided with many refusing to believe the girl involved because of possible hidden agenda to wreak havoc on the football team and the view that she had simply made up details or embellished the incident because she was loathe to actually admit that she may have really desired the experience (of being repeatedly peed on and dragged around unconscious) and thus decided to implicate others so as to avoid being branded a ‘slut.’

Anonymous has also acted out in other instances to administer its particular brand of vigilante justice, as for example in the Amanda Todd suicide case. At present, debate about ethics, Anonymous taking the law into its own hands and potentially incriminating and violating the privacy of those individuals for simply expressing a point of view no matter how palatable that point of view has once again risen to the fore. Nevertheless it is becoming increasingly apparent the degree of power (rightly or wrongly)  social media is having on bringing justice to the fore outside of traditional forums.

Of note Nodianos is the person behind a series of tweets on the night of the incident, including ‘Some people deserve to be peed on’ and ‘Song of the night is definitely Rape Me by Nirvana.’

 Michael Nodianos,
Michael Nodianos.
Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape



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