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Steubenville High school rape video teen is desperate to be forgiven. Death threats galore…

Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos
Michael Nodianos

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The teen in the center of a video, hacker group Anonymous released last week has begged for forgiveness after national scorn and local protests over the weekend after he callously lambasted a 16 year girl  at the center of a purported rape last August in the town of Steubenville, Ohio.

The capitulation on behalf of the teen, Michael Nodianos comes after speculation that the freshman potentially risks being expelled from Ohio State University or/as well denied his scholarship.

In fact the young man’s attorney, Dennis McNamara has gone on to describe his client’s behavior as ‘disappointing, insensitive and unfortunate.’

Went on to say Dennis McNamara: ‘After some sober reflection he is ashamed and embarrassed himself. He’s sorry to victims and his family. He was not raised to act in this manner.’

Not raised in this manner but certainly not very bashful to vocally assume his thoughts on the matter in front of a rolling camera which would end up in front of millions a few months later.

Despite the young man’s insensitive remarks one wonders if Nodianos’ point of view in some way serves to reflect the majority of views in the town of Steubenville, Ohio which to date until hacker group Anonymous brought the incidents of one August evening forward were often dismissive of the young girl who claimed that she was raped.

Interestingly Mr McNamamara has also gone on to strenuously emphasize that his client had not been in the house at the time of the alleged attack but rather had arrived as the young girl had been taken out of the house.

Ohio State University facebook page
Ohio State University facebook page

Since the release of the video, Mr McNamara has also gone on to reveal that the young man’s personal and Ohio State University email accounts have been hacked. Adding misery is the fact that the young man’s family has been forced to change their telephone number after scores of death threats followed.

Nonetheless one has to pause and wonder if Anonymous on some level by reaching out to vindicate the girl at the center of the rape has on some level vilified individuals who admittedly foolish and immature and not necessarily malicious in intention perjured those individuals and forever brought them the weight of mob justice.

After all it’s one thing to rape a girl but then again as morally offensive as it is, it’s an altogether another thing if one finds such acts amusing as Michael Nodianos did. Which raises an even more important question, must we now fear reprisal just because we espouse a point of view that is not necessarily morally, politically or even ethically correct? After all what do we really mean by a free society after all….?


  1. Christopher Koulouris if you think vocally laughing at and condoning rape doesn’t contribute to *actual rape* I feel extremely sorry for you and any woman in your life.

    Please don’t have children, ever.

  2. What about what that poor girl and her family is going through right now? They are receiving threats and harassment from the locals. The difference is, that poor girl didn’t get a chance to choose to be a part of this or not. Mr. Nodianos had a choice, he decided to be a heartless clown rather than a human being. I am a very empathetic person but no… no sympathy for that low life. I couldn’t lower myself enough to even attempt to put myself in his shoes. Having an opinion is one thing but he took it further than that, he spent an evening (where he could have helped a young girl) tormenting and adding to the heartache of a rape victim with his videos and tweets. It’s alright though, from what I saw he enjoys being the center of attention – be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

  3. I would be very interested to know if Nodi told any of his new friends at ohio state about this banger event? He probably bragged about this quite a bit, I’m sure. It was that awesome, and he is that stupid and immature.

  4. I totally agree with the haircut, but we cannot know how our children behave with their peers. we must teach good valeus before they reach puberty, and never make them believe that somehow they are so special that the rules don’t apply to them. trust, but verify!

  5. If he believed as he stated over and over that the girl was dead, why didn’t he call 911. afraid of being implicated, that’s why. And why would an innocent person be afraid? And why didn’t this pos care if this girl was in serious distress and desperately needed medical help? Maybe he knew that she was not toxically drunk, but instead was drugged. This whole thing amazes me. What kind of crap are our kids getting into? The victim is everyone’ daughter, and, more importantly, the perpetrators are everyone’s sons and daughters.

  6. If you think Anonymous has somehow overstepped and impugned this poor child’s reputation, then ask yourself, has this scumbag stepped up to the plate to bear witness to the events of that night. not surprised, are you.

  7. When you choose to show your true colors, you choose to be held accountable for it. I hold no sympathy for people like this. He is receiving what he deserves.

  8. Those little bastards deserve so much worse than what’s happened so far. They, and their parents, are nothing more than scum.

  9. My guess is he isn’t sorry for what he said, he’s really sorry he got caught and didn’t take Anonymous more seriously. He had fair warning to step forward and do the right thing by that girl, he chose not to. Now he’s paying the price. Asshole choices = Asshole consequences.

  10. I dunno. I’m guessing that my employer would Not Be Amused if they were told I voiced the same opinions, especially if I was wearing a t-shirt with the corporate logo. In fact, I’m absolutely sure they’d find a perfectly legal way to let me go.

    One may have a right to go to a state college, but one certainly doesn’t have the right to get good grades, excel in extracurricular activities, get approval from alumni or even get along with your fellow students.

    Funny how social interaction works, innit? Can work for you, or against you. And what’s okay in Steubenville may not be all that okay elsewhere.

  11. His attorney can keep playing his tinny violin and try to have us believe that he was well raised and he’s a good kid, who JUST made a mistake. Uh-huh, I’m not buying it for one bit. I know lots of well-raised good kids and they don’t suddenly open their mouth and spew all kinds of monstrosities, like this pathetic loser did. Only someone with a pastern of such behavior, would. And, as many pointed out, a good kid would have called the cops and check on the girl, instead of mocking her. I think this video shows EXACTLY who this guy is, and how he sees the world. What a filth he is! The only thing he’s sorry of, is getting caught…period! Also, to all of those who were there and did nothing, you’ll soon find out that karma is a bitch…hope it will be swift! And, can we also nominate this loser for the worst haircut?

  12. Why are we even contemplating the thought of us being “too much” for the guilty. If this was NEVER brought up nothing would ever change and the victim’s case/voice would just be swept under a rug. I understand that as good/better people we have these thoughts of is this too much or is this right but the wicked MUST be weeded out. It’s our duty to protect those that fall prey to these people without any morals. It’s difficult and I’m glad we stop and reflect on our actions but something must be done hopefully this is a big step towards changing the attitude towards rape.

  13. You know, I am all for a free society, but it shouldn’t be free to rape women. And if Nodianos should be free to make the rape-survivors life a living hell in the name of a free society with all those humilitaing tweets and mocking from him, just in the name of free speech, then why exactly shouldn’t society be free to make HIS life a living hell, again, in the name of free sppech?

  14. Well, Nodianos’ behaviour directly perpetuates the rape culture his peers are immersed in. I mean when the cool older athlete, who obtained a scholarship, thinks it is not really rape, when the girl is unconscious, and women are not worth compassion, anyway, and rape is funny, and society doesn’t even challenge the guy on that sh**, nor is the rapists action in any way critizized by the guy, why not try some fine rape yourself, to make bonus-points so the cool older athlete will hold you in higher esteem?

  15. Maybe those boys should have called the police and helped that girl instead of make jokes about her…. They should name everyone who attacked her, nothing else will be accepted!!!

  16. “After all it’s one thing to rape a girl but then again as morally offensive as it is, it’s an altogether another thing if one finds such acts amusing as Michael Nodianos did”

    Are you serious?
    Actually standing by while someone is getting raped and not raising a hand to stop it, IS just as bad and not an “altogether another thing”. Then for Michael Nodianos to make jokes at this girls expense more than likely while it’s happening RIGHT in front of him?

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