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Steubenville high school rape charges cease. Angry mobs protest.

Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape


Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape

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Jefferson County Sherrif, Fred Abdalla announced over the weekend to the deep chagrin of mob protesters that no further suspects are set to be charged over the purported rape of a 16 year girl at the hands of alumni of Steubenville High school.

To date only two individuals have been indicted, Ma’lik Richmond and Trenton Mays, both 16 years old and members of the Steubenville HIgh school football team. At present both boy’s attorney’s have denied all charges.

The anger over Sherrif Abdalla’s reluctance at this moment to further indict other individuals comes after hacker activist group Anonymous brought the case forward after initial cries of foul play were met on deaf ears. At the time last summer, it had appeared that both the school and authorities were particularly reluctant to pursue assertions that a 16 year old girl had been raped a number of times, drugged and then urinated on. In fact if anything many claimed that the girl had simply made her story up in order to avoid being branded a ‘slut.’

The girl’s family claims has gone on to say that they have been harassed, intimidated and threatened by citizens of the town who feel she was not sufficiently traumatized to call it “rape.” Even from the news pieces, it is clear that many in the town are angry with the girl and not with the players. The Daily Beast quotes one resident saying

‘F*ck that protest. F*ck those people with their masks on. And you can quote me on that.’

Further upping the ante, Anonymous then this past Friday went ahead and released a new dossier of names accusing local police of purposefully limiting their inquiries to shield the East Ohio high school’s popular football program.

Aggravating protesters was also the appearance of a video depicting fellow school members at the time abrasively deriding the rape victim, even intimating knowledge that they were aware that a rape was taken place at that very moment whilst they were being filmed.

One principal individual of that video, Michael Nodianos has gone on to find himself having to go in hiding as fierce disgust pertaining to his comments set in. At this moment the young man has been the subject of an avalanche of wide condemnation and calls for his expulsion at university Ohio State as well as the revocation of his scholarship to the school.

With respect to the video, Sheriff Abdalla has gone on to say no charges will be filed against Nodianos or anyone else as they have deemed that the video does not offer any new evidence.

Said the sheriff to jeering protesters who had amassed in front of Jefferson courthouse over the weekend to protest what they perceived to be the shocking application of justice with regards to the purportedly raped girl:

‘I’m not going to stand here and try to convince you that I’m not the bad guy. You’ve already made your minds up.’

With respect to the video itself he also offered the following: ‘It’s a disgusting video. It’s stupidity. But you can’t arrest somebody for being stupid.’

That said perhaps what makes this case perhaps even more disheartening is the fact that had not Anonymous stepped in, the purported rape case would have been probably been swept under the carpet nor fully taken up by the media as it has of late. Which begs the question how has the legal system failed those who need it the most and why for that matter was the media so reluctant to take on this case until Anonymous came along and made it their cause? Also worthy of note is how is that society still perceives women as second rate citizens who on some level deserve to be humiliated and abused even in the face of evidence that shows they have indeed been abused and violated…

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