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Steubenville High school rape case leads to new Anonymous leaks. New names…

Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape
Steubenville High school rape

Steubenville rape witnesses still refuse to cooperate. But why?

Steubenville rape case leads to Anonymous releasing new video of intent.

Steubenville rape case leads to guards protecting school. Death threats made….

How Steubenville High will force a change in whether we accept rape or not?

Former Stebeunville High school student Michael Nodianos not facing charges. But should he?

Steubenville High school rape video teen is desperate to be forgiven. Death threats galore…

Steubenville high school rape charges cease. Angry mobs protest.

Steubenville High school leaked video now leads to demands for Michael Nodianos’ expulsion.

Steubenville High school students joke about rape in video leaked by Anonymous.

It seems vigilante group Anonymous are adamant about bringing who it believes to be perpetrators of the Steubenville HIgh school rape case to the fore as it has this afternoon released a new lengthy document outlining what they believe occurred one late August day of last year.

jezebel: The file includes some new and startling allegations: that the alleged rape survivor was roofied, that she was raped by more students than the two who are already charged, and that one member of the “rape crew” used to date her, which is why she was targeted.

It says that volunteers from Local Leaks, the site that released the report, have been “working around the clock to organize, analyze, fact-check, verify – and prepare this disclosure for release.” But they’re not professional journalists, so it’s tricky to know how much of it to believe; that’s the problem with internet vigilantism.

And yet this is exactly the problem. How much can we really trust of vigilant justice? What do we really know about the purported accuracy of said new names, events that may or may not have happened? In essence legal due process is done away and what you have left is mob rule, where the alleged perpetrators are not judged in a court of law but by mob rule.

Then there’s the added problem of the fact that unlike where real journalists are held accountable by courts should they go beyond the bounds of privacy (releasing names of people who haven’t been officially charged and addresses out of spite surely doesn’t count ), hacker groups like Anonymous on some level put anyone they choose to go after at their mercy. In essence one is deemed guilty just because they are named? Is this what we really want to aspire to in a healthy just society?

That said perhaps we can on some level thank Anonymous for choosing to incestuously go after who it believes to be perpetrates as local law enforcement swept the case under the rug and were slow or generally unwilling to explore allegations of rape which raises questions of why? Then again perhaps what’s even more pitiful is why the general media didn’t really take to this story back in August and had to wait so long to ask questions? Has it really come to the fact that now Anonymous is doing the media’s job who these days is too busy regurgitating and repeating asinine celebrity trivia?

Here’s an except of Anonymous’ new leak, have a read, I’m loathe to publish names until formal charges are made, but it makes for very hairy reading

excerpt: Despite all this, it looked as though a town rife with corruption, cronyism, illegal gambling  and fixated upon their star high school football team (a major economic revenue engine) were prepared to orchestrate a major cover-up in order to sweep the entire affair under the rug. As this disclosure will document, this cover-up was perpetrated by people in the high school administration, local government and law enforcement.

Revenge porn website founder Hunter Moore has a new scary venture in mind even if Anonymous are now targeting him.

Anonymous accusation of Amanda Todd stalker is false say cops.

Anonymous track man who released naked deceased images of Amanda Michelle Todd via twitter.

Anonymous outs man who spread topless photos of Amanda Michelle Todd who committed suicide.


  1. “Is this what we really want to aspire to in a healthy just society?”….how would we know…we haven’t had a “healthy just society” in years and due process has been killed by the NDAA long before this case.

  2. Well, with apparently what has already come out since the “real journalists” had their chance back in August and today, I’d say the mainstream media and “real” investigators had their chance. As did the mainstream “justice” system in Steubenville.

    Time for the second string, coach.

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