Home Pop Culture Steubenville rape case leads to guards protecting school. Death threats made….

Steubenville rape case leads to guards protecting school. Death threats made….

Steubenville, OHIO
Steubenville, OHIO


Steubenville, OHIO
Steubenville, OHIO

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Steubenville High school rape video teen is desperate to be forgiven. Death threats galore…

Steubenville high school rape charges cease. Angry mobs protest.

Steubenville High school rape case leads to new Anonymous leaks. New names…

Steubenville High school leaked video now leads to demands for Michael Nodianos’ expulsion.

Steubenville High school students joke about rape in video leaked by Anonymous.

Steubenville, OHIO. Local schools to now man buildings with unarmed guards to protect students….

It seems agitation and a sense of foreboding doom is beginning to take its toll on the district of Steubenville, Ohio which has drawn rampant media attention pursuant to an incident last August involving the said rape of a minor and assertions that the town, school and local authorities did little to investigate the girl’s claims.

That said with hacker group Anonymous now getting into the act and outing individuals it believes to be complicit in the girl’s rape or simply choosing to mock it (as one former student did who has now found himself forced to remove himself from public life as calls for his life have been made) or worse failing to report the purported crime or out those responsible the town of Steubenville is now in lockdown mode.

Aggravating matters comes the report of a said threat on twitter yesterday morning which led to local school, Harding Middle School at Steubenville, Ohio forced to evacuate and as of today now manning the school with unarmed guards.

Offered Mike McVey, the superintendent of Steubenville City Schools:

“….the move was made to improve the safety of our students.”

That said some now some fear that Anonymous maybe the source behind recent threats at individuals at the school.

Reflects Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla:

“Right away everyone wants to blame Anonymous. I can be certain they had nothing to do with this. Just as I’ve said in the past, groups standing up for what they believe in, there is always a few that get involved to agitate things.”

How ironic that a town that wanted little attention or focus on some of its less than gregarious stance towards rape and the culture of demonizing women has on some level now found itself being demonized and vilified by a larger cohort that it could have ever imagined.

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  1. Oh no. Four years is too little a time period to force a break in the entitlement thinking of football players. Make it a generation — about 30 years and maybe by then parents will have raised sons who’ve been well taught to not rape girls under any circumstance.

  2. Who is buying the threats line? This is more wasted tax dollars making the ‘players’ FEEL better. NO HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS GAMES AGAINST OTHER SCHOOLS AT STEUBENVILLE for at least four YEARS; Let the stench clear.

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