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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back to talking. Studio heads pressuring couple to find resolution?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson hiding from Kristen Stewart at Reese Witherspoon’s house.

Where there’s a will, there is a way…

It seems there might be light at the end of this Hollywood drama tunnel as reports are surfacing that Kristen Stewart and  Robert Pattinson held discussions over the weekend after Stewart send him a barrage of tearful texts and calls.

Nevertheless Robert Pattinson is not budging on the cheating. Says a source close to both the actor and actress:

“Rob just isn’t going to be able to get beyond the cheating – one time or not,”

And then there’s this:

The source in Stewart’s inner circle said the actress rebuffed advances by Sanders dating back to filming of their movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” last year.

“Rupert had been infatuated with her since the production, but she always kept it professional because she loved her boyfriend,” People’s Stewart source said. “She still does. It only became a flirtation recently, and she was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted.”

Lured into a flirtation that she never wanted? If she never wanted then why did she agree to clandestine meetings with the actor behind her boyfriend’s back?

The source goes on to add the following:

“Rob said he suspected something because Kristen is normally very relaxed about her phone…and she was being really weird lately,” an unidentified confidante told Us Weekly. “She reassured him nothing was going on. …He’s disgusted because he had a feeling about this director.

Does that sound like someone who didn’t want to pursue a flirtation outside of their relationship? Then again it now seems studio heads are getting involvedand are trying to force the actors to talk and find a resolution with the November 16 release of their final ‘Twilight saga.’

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  1. You are completely false and even contradict yourself. She publicly apologized because the pictures were out there and there was no other way to explain around it. You say yourself that Stewart’s team didn’t know what else was out there at the time when this all first broke. So why would they come out the very next day via Gossip Cop and clearly state Kristen and Rupert never had sex if there was any risk that someone somewhere else knew otherwise and could talk. How do they know Liberty herself wouldn’t have said something if she knew they slept together? It was too big a risk for them to put that out there if it wasn’t true, especially after saying it was a “momentary indiscretion.”

    You seem to be spreading your same nonsense on a lot of other boards. Why are you so desperate for people to believe you?

  2. Let me be clear.

    Gossip.cop is a great site but it is also a publicity vehicle, providing damage control for celebrities who pay them for their services.

    Kristen Stewart slept with Rupert Sanders.

    It doesn’t make her evil and it doesn’t make her nasty, but it does mean she is so scared right now she is allowing her PR to invent a story that isn’t remotely conceivable.

    If Robert Pattinson, and the rest of the world, in any way, shape or form believed Stewart did not have sex, there would have been no public apologies from Stewart and Sanders and certainly not with the extreme repentance both expressed..

    The reason:.

    When Stewart’s team were told about the pictures they didn’t know the paps didn’t have others from other days/nights/situations. That these weren’t going to be published over the rest of last week.

    So they apologized. For the lies. For the sex. For the affair. Because that’s what Sanders and Stewart had.

    It’s one thing to ask people to buy the *lured* nonsense (which actually makes Sanders sound like a pedophile when he isn’t.) It’s another to ask people to lobotomize themselves as well.

    If Pattinson isn’t very careful he is going to find himself compromising his own logic and believing a lie, just so the studio can make more of those ridiculous films.

    Stewart is a fine actress. She is also a cheat and a liar.

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