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Nymphomaniac in the city. She had three men in one day.


According to one blogger, Ricardo Garcia there’s an ardent nymphomaniac amongst us with a rambunctious appetite that knows no bounds. Have you fucked her yet?

“I want it 6 to 10 times per night but hardcore and intense all over but not the bed.  I want it on a table, floor, in the shower, a chair, public places like a pool, hot tub, various roof tops, club bathrooms, side of buildings, this sort of thing.  What’s my problem?  I feel guys try but that can’t hang and after two days they are just dead. When I start to get it I need it every day.  The more I get it, the more I want it.  I can go months without having sex, but once I start, I need it at least for two weeks straight.”

With that comes an expose into the psychology of a nymphomaniac, what inspires them, how they like and of course why they like it. And when she has no able bodied partner she simply resorts to her ‘rabbit.’ Of course she’ll be the first one to tell you she screwed three different guys all in one day: morning fuck with last night’s pick up random, afternoon fuck with city fucky buddy and third is dinner fuck with some guy who asked her out for dinner the night before.

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