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New east river monster turns up but not everyone agrees it’s just a bloated burned out pig

Roasted pig or new east river monster?
Roasted pig or new east river monster?

Photographer Denise Ginsley managed to come across something quite unusual over the weekend whilst walking along the greenway beneath the FDR in Manhattan. At first reticent and then finally brazen she decided to return with her camera, climb the fence and take the following pictures.

From there animalnewyork reports that Ginley sent the images over to Gothamistwho speculated that it was either a ‘bloated rat monster’ or a reincarnation of the famed ‘Montauk Monster.’ But it now turns out it’s neither, well at least according to the NYC Park Department‘s press office (since when are press offices in the business of disseminating anything but lies anyway?) who opined “it was a pig left over from a cook out.”

But not everyone is convinced the hawt bixch laying dead on the sand was or is a pig that met a sad death. The people over at NY mag are convinced there’s something more that meets the eye (yes the government would have us believe anything).

Have a look and see what you think….(personally I think it’s an overgrown lice that fell out of the sky whilst going abseiling across the Northern Hemisphere- but what do I know about strange rotting carcasses that turn up out of no where?)

The return of the Montauk Monster…

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  • Jackie

    A bloated raccoon

  • Tigerzombe

    I’m going to say it is a dead bloated pitbull.

  • Mike

    Holy Shit thats the rhing that tried to attack me an my daughter back a few months ago. We were walking on the beach and heard this horrid squeel/roar and turned to see this thing charging. I picked up my daughter and ran to the car and locked the doors. This monster was not too fast though becUse it never came to the car.nit was horrifying. I do remember seeing some type of scar on his left leg which does not seem toappear here……..wierd