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Remote Alaskan town subjected to Taco Bell hoax.


Locals in the town of Bethel, Alaska may have thought their prayers were being answered (if this is what one necessarily prays for) when yellow flyers began springing up about town that a Taco Bell would soon grace it. Unfortunately (yes, back to trout fish, salmon and grizzly bear bbq ribs) it was not to be.

adn: Yellow flyers announcing the opening of the fast food restaurant started showing up in this Southwest Alaska community of 6,200 people last week, complete with instructions of how to apply for a job.

KYUK reported that it turned out to be an elaborate hoax, with a fake phone number and website listed on the flyer.

Fake phone number, disillusioned townspeople who thought they were going to flip tacos and what about those who had been looking forward to those chilli been tacos?

At present Denali foods which operates all the tacos in Alaska (the nearest Taco Bell from the town of Bethel is a mere 400 mile drive) has stated that they have no plan to open up a new taco bell. Maybe now they will…