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Husband burns himself to death after financial ruin in front of wife.


Anna McReynolds is trying to come to terms with her husband’s recent decision to kill himself upon the receipt of disastrous financial news concerning the family finances. Until the suicide occurred, her husband Michael D McReynolds aged 61 had never indicated a preponderance towards suicide.

Offered the 51 year widow:

‘He just silently got up and walked outside and covered himself in gas and took a lighter to himself.

‘I didn’t know he was getting up to do that and it took seconds for the fire to cover him.

‘I think he unhooked the hose too.’

What though remains a mystery are Ms McReynolds refutations that the family was undergoing severe financial turnoil.

We weren’t having finance problems.’ said Mrs McReynolds.

‘He was working in a kitchen, he delivered newspapers and worked for local Catholic charities.’

Authorities are now speculating whether a letter delivered in March outlining that their two sons would not be receiving financial aid for high school may have set her Mr McReynolds off.

Of course the bitter irony of the situation is with his brutal death the family is now indeed in a kind of a ruin; an emotional one and as the breadwinner of 3 round the clock jobs, a financial one too.

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