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Usher would like to remind you that he did not die in a car crash today.

Usher via twitter.
Usher via twitter.

It seems Usher has become the latest celebrity to fall victim to the here yesterday suddenly dead today hoax syndrome. That said reports had been floating that the hawt bixch had died in a car crash. (wonder who started these reports??) But because he really didn’t die, Usher decided to tweet these photos so you can see he is still healthy and alive and of course a hawt bixch.


Isn’t it time you resurrected from the dead too?


Usher via twitter.

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  • Ntombi Ntombla10

    is usher die?

  • Ntombi Ntombela10


  • Samantha Mccall

    i loveee the song climaxx. u doing good usher keep
    ya head up look forward

  • noodle chopper

    heeeeessss deeeeeeeaaaaddddd inmnnnnnn my minddddd becauuuseeee i keeeeeelllledddddd himmm in a boat yesterday with my chopper noodle

  • Stephanea21

    I knew it was fake the moment my little sister told me when I picked her up from school today. I did prank my older sister with it though. She started to tear up when she saw the story online. We have listened to Usher since I was 6 and she was 13. We are 22 and 29 now. 🙂