Home Fashion Urban Outfitter’s lesbian kiss catches the ire of One Million Moms.

Urban Outfitter’s lesbian kiss catches the ire of One Million Moms.

Urban Outfitter's lesbian kiss
Urban Outfitter's lesbian kiss

Urban Outfitter’s lesbian kiss is not what some mothers were looking forward to when they opened the fashion retailer’s catalogue.

What’s correct protocol? When is pushing too much just too much? Where does one draw the line as to what could pass for fair representation of popular themes and when can discussion or display of such themes be considered exploitative or simply in bad taste? Then again as long as no one is being discriminated, abused or depicted in a derogatory way why should a label care in the first place?

These it seems are some of the concerns being addressed with Urban Outfitter’s April catalogue which has caused the conservative mother’s group, One Million Mums to voice discontent and displeasure at the retailers latest catalogue and have begun urging consumers to avoid the retailer.

The token of their ire?

onemillionmoms.com: “The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.”

Oops. Lesbians. Teenagers making out. Yuck. Do teenage girls do things like that? Well they might now that Urban Outfitters is showing them that it’s common place? Then again maybe some of Urban Outfitter’s customers might be teenage lesbians enjoying being embraced. Still phewy. We know…

Either way the attention is only gotten more teenage girls to have a look (which what you would think what the folk at One Million Moms were against) and start dabbling in lesbian yucky stuff. Or maybe not? Then again why not if they want to? Who can say, except I’m betting those dresses are selling real fast…

  • BigFoot

    Her Feet are HUGE!

  • Ukeboyandrew

    close minded douches i mean if their girls fake bisexuality its all to get a guy
    but “something aint right?” so we shouldent be proud to be bisexual? we should hide it away? no morals no consience shut up you old douche debauchery im orthodox christian but you sound like one of those guys that expect us to fall into line

  • J-P

    ” The “new” generation are very much into bisexuality and debauchery”

    And just what planet are you from…. there are as many bisexual/gay/lesbian people now than there were 20, 30, 40 50, even 100 years ago. The difference now is that there is finally some protections afforded to these minority’s, laws are becoming in their favour, they are free to be themselves in front of family and friends… unfortunately there is still predudice hate and violence from narrow minded folks such as yourself!! Please join us in modern society why dont you!

  • To me the moms have a right to feel offended. But the “new” generation is very much into bisexuality and debauchery. I’m amazed at the young girls who go bar hopping and get sloppy drunk. Something aint right with the “new” generation of youngsters. No morals, no conscious, no thought about what they’re doing.

  • Rosiesbitch