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Morbidly obese woman dies after lying helplessly on the floor for 3 weeks.


It is being reported this morning that a morbidly obese woman who fell  off the couch has died after her family failed to call for help. Apparently she was fed from the spot where she fell (is that possible?) before fatally succumbing to  bed sores that became affected.

According to Wichita, Kansas police the woman lay on the floor for up to 3 weeks before her family finally relented and sought the attention of emergency services. During the time she lay on the floor, the woman’s family claim that the woman insisted she was fine whilst they fed her, and only later called emergency services when the woman ceased to continue talking. It hasn’t been established at this time whether the family were aware that the woman was suffering from bed sores but one is inclined to imagine that this would have been a common sense understanding. Also of mystery is why the family just allowed the woman to remain on the floor and how during this time she was able to physically relieve herself (unless one fathoms a bedpan was used). Could one imagine such perverse commonalities were par for the course in this family household?

Upon being taken to Via Christi Hospital in St Francis the woman soon died.


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    My family doesn’t look so bad now.