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Mirlande Wilson: Now gone in hiding. Co Workers furious.

Mirlande Wilson. Said to be currently in hiding. Where could she possibly be?
Mirlande Wilson. Said to be currently in hiding. Where could she possibly be?

McDonald’s worker, Mirlande Wilson now accused of scheming lottery jackpot payout.

Mirlande Martine is now the ‘unlucky’ lotto winner as real winners step up.

Looks like Mirlande Wilson has a real pickle on her hands. Well a $105 million one…

After we reported last night that Mirlande Wilson was a no show at the Mega Millionaire’s office yesterday to claim her jackpot prize it seems that events have escalated with Wilson now no where to be seen. Apparently her co workers are now suspecting that Wilson has gone into hiding, fearing their reprisal and perhaps trying to hatch a plan to get out of having to pay her fellow co workers what many perceive to be their share of the winnings.

The fracas came to a head yesterday when Mirlande Wilson insisted that she and not her co workers who had been pitching into a collective pool was the sole winners of the unclaimed prize as a result of having pitched into her own private ‘winning’ ticket coincidentally with a dollar bill that she found at her place of work at McDonalds.

Of course this led to assertions that Mirlande Wilson was getting a free look with other player’s tickets and essentially allowing herself the luxury of swapping winning and losing tickets where it best made sense (guess who got the losing tickets?) in the luxury of her house as the numbers were being drawn out.

That said it might be this fear that fellow co workers and for that matter the general public are now openly wondering if Wilson fudged the handling of tickets in order to best facilitate her own needs at the expense of the collective thus warranting her sudden disappearance.

One could probably surmise if Ms Wilson does find the courage to come and collect ‘her’ prize there will be a mob waiting for her and of course a lawsuit courtesy of her ex (let’s face it, whether Ms Wilson won the money or not she is never going to be welcome back at the McDonald’s franchise) co workers.

$7 million or a $105 million worth of looking over your shoulders for the rest of your life? Which one would you take?

Anonymous winner to claim Maryland share of Lotto jackpot tomorrow. Will it be Mirlande Wilson?

Mirlande Wilson achieves the impossible- “I lost the ticket!”

Mirlande Wilson appears with her lawyer but with no winning ticket.

Mirlande Wilson finally speaks: The ticket is hidden at McDonalds.

Mirlande Wilson is now a diva. Promises to hold press conference with lawyer Wednesday.

Mirlande Wilson fails to collect her winning prize. Is there something fishy going on?

McDonald’s worker wins $105 million lotto jackpot but now refuses to share prize with co workers.

Mirlande Wilson talking with reporters yesterday.


  1. all of them thought in time through a lawsuit against her they would be millionairs.too funny.now they get to continue serving burgers.and they themself cant even afford the fries.their lives will never be good now.so what,i myself dont care.i am laughing so hard.btw she gave the ticket to………….you cant get her money once she id in haiti.she will get more splitting it four ways.

  2. Why isn’t anyone questioning her legal status in this country. The lottery rules clearly state that you must be a citizen or LEGAL resident of the United States. THAT is probably why she lawyered up, not only because she doesn’t want to share. Personally, I think this woman is a lying sack! Plus, she’s ugly as sin.

  3. If it is her ticket then she has every right to keep it! All she has to do is show proof of the copies!

  4. If it were truly her own ticket – which she should be able to easily prove as she says everyone in the pool had photocopies of the pool tickets – she should take all of it!
    Poor taste to break the news like that to her co-workers, but doesn’t mean she should share if the story is as she says.
    If it’s not as she says, her portion will be significantly reduced by attorney fees. And, I hope that includes paying the fees of whoever has to resort to that route to expose her lie, if that’s the case!

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