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Mirlande Wilson is now a diva. Promises to hold press conference with lawyer Wednesday.

Mirlande Wilson
Mirlande Wilson

McDonald’s worker, Mirlande Wilson now accused of scheming lottery jackpot payout.

Mirlande Martine is now the ‘unlucky’ lotto winner as real winners step up.

Will Mirlande Wilson finally come clean today?

Like most bystander’s whose interest has been caught by the fascinating tale of one woman’s assertion that she alone is the sole deserved recipient of a mega million jackpot to the tune of $105 million as opposed to her and her fellow 14 other co worker’s that had organized a pool, questions have been forming  as to why she has failed to come out of hiding and collect her so called winnings. The fact that Ms Wilson has even gone into hiding since first reaching out to fellow co workers at a local Maryland McDonald’s over the weekend also strikes one of of preposterous as well, which can only add more speculation as to what is actually going on.

WIth that in mind, according to the NY Daily news, Ms Wilson has promised that sometime today she will be holding a press conference (see how easy it is to become a media whore kids…) with her lawyer. But why? Why does one need the press or a lawyer for that matter to simply put on one’s shoes and go collect your prize money? Assuming one has the winning ticket to cash in the first place…?

Asserts the nydailynews: the single mother of seven has not produced the ticket, prompting media to camp at her doorstep.

Maryland lottery officials have doubted her story but said so far no one had stepped forth to claim the winnings.

“My concern at this moment is that Ms. Wilson and her children can go about their lives and activities without being interfered with,” said her lawyer, Edward Smith Jr.

Without being interfered in? That’s interesting? And as Ms Wilson’s legal counsel can one assume Mr Smith’s interests will also be looked after? What about the interests of former fellow co workers (one can lay to sleep the idea that Ms Wilson will ever return to her McDonald’s branch whether she produces a winning ticket today or not) who are livid with Ms Wilson for what in their eyes comes down to yanking the prize money out of their collective hands and ‘greedily’ into hers?

Can one even assume that today is the day that Ms Wilson finds the courage to collect her winnings? The day she confesses that she has no winning ticket? Or that she has a sudden change of heart and is now willing to share the money or that she simply wishes to make up with everyone and resume her old life before this weekend’s fiasco arrived at her doorstep (where one can come across camped out journalists)?

Perhaps we will find out sometime today the answers to all these questions or perhaps at the last minute like Monday, Ms Wilson will be a mysterious no show? Do tell Ms Wilson, we’re all waiting….

Anonymous winner to claim Maryland share of Lotto jackpot tomorrow. Will it be Mirlande Wilson?

Mirlande Wilson achieves the impossible- “I lost the ticket!”

Mirlande Wilson appears with her lawyer but with no winning ticket.

Mirlande Wilson finally speaks: The ticket is hidden at McDonalds.

Mirlande Wilson: Now gone in hiding. Co Workers furious.

Mirlande Wilson fails to collect her winning prize. Is there something fishy going on?

McDonald’s worker wins $105 million lotto jackpot but now refuses to share prize with co workers.




  1. Whether she wants to or not she may have to share. Unless she can prove she bought that ticket with her own money. Its common knowledge that when using a pool to play lottery its best to not muddy the water by buying the pool’s tickets and your own

  2. Ya’ll stop messing with Mirlande she need them coins, a sista has 7 kids and they haven’t offered her a television show 7 and counting.

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