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Mirlande Wilson fails to collect her winning prize. Is there something fishy going on?

Mirlande Wilson
Mirlande Wilson

McDonald’s worker, Mirlande Wilson now accused of scheming lottery jackpot payout.

Mirlande Martine is now the ‘unlucky’ lotto winner as real winners step up.

She was expected to turn up at some point yesterday as she had adamantly insisted she would to collect on the big prize but now questions are being raised after Mirlande Wilson interestingly failed to turn up….

It looks like things are getting fairly dicey in Mirlande Wilson’s world and with a no show in front of Mega Millions officials as she promised she would earlier today speculation is beginning to run rampant as to what Mirlande Wilson’s next move might be especially after having antagonized fellow co workers with her insistence that the $105 million lotto prize was hers alone.

To date there have have been three ticket holders who have won from three different states. Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland where one assumes Mirlande has in her possession that state’s winning ticket or does she?

Earlier today in local press, the former McDonald’s employee ( I sincerely doubt that she will ever be welcomed with open arms in at her old place of work) begun hedging her words and tried implying that maybe she wasn’t the winner after all. But that too might all be a rouse to distance herself from fellow co workers who insist that the prize money is just as much as theirs and hers, especially in light of the fact that winners in Maryland and Illinois have up to 6 months to claim prize money (Kansas has a one year allowance).

Which pauses the question, will Mirlande Wilson attempt to claim this money some time in the future when she is perhaps out of reach of aggrieved fellow co workers who feel the single mother of seven is taking advantage of them?

Reiterated Mirlande Wilson to the NY Post: ‘We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,’ 

So not only are we now to believe that Ms Wilson didn’t game the system by simply claiming that all the losing tickets belonged to the group whilst she had won the winning ticket, which could hypothetically be easy to do in the privacy in her home as the winning numbers were being drawn with no one being able to prove one way or another whether she was being legitimate or not but now we have the interesting situation of trying to understand why Ms Wilson didn’t turn up last night as she promised she would to collect on her winnings. Something is going on….

Of course it might all be just a waiting game and perhaps Ms Wilson is having a deep introspective and is finding the way to share the money with co workers as many have suggested is the morally correct thing to do. Or Ms Wilson might just be concocting a brilliant plan not to have to pay anyone nor be in harm’s way when she finally does collect. Or the last option might be, she can no longer find the ticket or simply never owned one in the first place, but that would be strange as the third winning ticket did come from Maryland….


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