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McDonald’s worker, Mirlande Wilson now accused of scheming lottery jackpot payout.

Mirlande Wilson is once again in the center of a new media storm...
Mirlande Wilson is once again in the center of a new media storm...

Is Mirlande Wilson behind a clever scheme to defraud co workers at a McDonalds outlet their share of a $100 million lotto jackpot payout?

When it was announced in April of this year that a McDonald’s employee had won Maryland’s mega lotto all eyes were on who the individual who claimed to be the winner actually was. As mandated the law in Maryland doesn’t require the actual identity of winners to be publicly announced but in one woman’s case, getting her name out was all the craving she could get as Mirlande Wilson flaunted her new winnings.

That in and of itself would have been a happy story but then out of the woodworks came out all of Mirlande Wilson’s co workers at a local McDonald’s outlet where they all worked insisting that they too were rightful owners of the winning ticket and by rights as they had pooled their money together ($75) were now obligated to receive their share of the winnings. Except things suddenly went very awry.

Ms Wislon then publicly came out and told how she had suddenly misplaced the prize winning ticket and if given half a chance would find it once again after the commercial break and her lawyer’s press conference. But nothing. Instead a new phalanx of individuals suddenly sprang up a few days later to claim the winnings that Ms Wilson had insisted all along that she had won all alone (cause the wining ticket in her possession belonged to her alone as she insisted and not her co workers as she had gone out and bought the winning ticket she claims with her own money and not the pooled money).

That said it seems the saga called ‘can Mirlande Wilson really get her act together’ has taken a new sudden twist as her fellow McDonald colleagues are now insisting that she did indeed possess the winning ticket all along and had simply passed it off on to other individuals in order to only have to share the jackpot with fewer individuals (three others as opposed to 14 others) who then purportedly paid her a split after she handed over the ticket to them.

dailymail.co.uk: Fourteen McDonald’s employees from Baltimore are suing a co-worker for allegedly stealing more than $100 million in lottery winnings from a ticket that the employees say they had purchased together.

The lawsuit claims that 37-year-old Mirlande Wilson bought a winning lottery ticket with the group’s pooled money and then avoided giving them their payouts – even though Wilson never actually claimed the Mega Millions jackpot award.

Didn’t claim it because according to her accusers she carefully planned to have others claim the prize money in their name therefore deflecting attention from herself and most importantly having to pay the sum out amongst 14 people but now instead 3 other individuals instead.

Days after Wilson claimed to have lost the ticket, three public school workers including two teachers and an administrator came forward with a winning ticket to claim their prize. The winners, who chose to remain anonymous, each received between $30 million and $40 million after taxes. 

The lawsuit against Wilson claims that she had never lost the ticket, but that she gave it to the public school workers in order to split the prize money among fewer people. 

Which leads to the question how could Ms Wilson have pulled off such a feat?

One of the plaintiffs, Dominique Gordet, says he was Wilson’s live-in boyfriend at the time and that she confessed the elaborate scheme to him. 

‘Since that time, defendant Wilson has repeatedly admitted that those individuals were mere nominees, on her behalf, and that arrangements had been made to ensure that she would later receive nearly all the lottery proceeds,’ the lawsuit states.

Which now begs the question, can Dominique Gordet really be believed or is this his way of getting back at Ms Wilson for a failed relationship? Then again one has to ask a few other questions, is Ms Wilson still working at the McDonald’s outlet, is she still living a suburban existence or has she suddenly taken to driving the latest Mercedez on the market? And what of her most recent bank balance? Or has she cleverly avoided doing all the above until she waits for some time to pass before one day suddenly deciding to move to the other side of the world with a fistful of money that she suddenly inherited?

At present Maryland lottery officials say there is no evidence of fraud in the Mega Millions winnings.

Mirlande Wilson. What to think, what to believe?




  1. OH WOWSERS! I’m just now seeing your post….
    That’s a shame. Doesn’t pay to be greedy like that. Sad that she did that..

    Well she is really playing the role well because she is not flashy on Facebook, it appears she is still living in her same home before she won.

  2. You are so right. She did win that money, but she ran her mouth too darn much. Now her secret is out and I’m sure any and everybody is gonna sue her from those workers to the McDonalds owners who had to close down behind her foolishness.

  3. She won that money. She was spotted a few miles from that McDonalds playing numbers on Liberty Road, at which time my kids grandma noticed her. She asked her if she really did win. Her response “yes…I just didn’t want to share the money with those people.” So my kids grandmother said “If you really won, then can I have that diamond bracelet on your arm?” Mirlande gave it to her and said “I’ll just buy another one.” She also divulged the scheme saying that she paid each teacher 1 million dollars, and her attorney for helping her 2 million. Her boyfriend is telling the truth! I hope they sue her blind. Greed never pays.

  4. I had always thought that it was odd that the 3 teachers came up and claimed it. I said I bet she paid them to claim the $$ and she will reward them for it but she got that dough, for real. And now someone has spilled the beans.

    If IT IS TRUE, She has truly dealt her self a BAD HAND because that BISH KARMA always comes for her. God doesn’t like ugly. Being greedy is not good and when it comes to $$$, it always ends ugly. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was found missing. Folks go crazy bout that CASH FLOW…

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