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Chin implant surgery is now the most demanded procedure according to plastic surgeons

image via jezebel
image via jezebel

Chin implants will now keep the average American citizen still believing they look great….

In an effort to improve their looks (because such things don’t matter in a culture saturated with unattainable images) more people in the US are delving to chin implant surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, so prevalent have chin augmentations (which they are also known as) become, that in 2011 such procedures (also known as mentoplasty) have become the fastest trending choice for those opting for plastic surgery. That is more than breast augmentation, botox and liposuction combined. Just because you all want the perfect profile.

Offered ASPS President Malcolm Z Roth: ‘“Chin implants can make a dramatic difference.”

And how does the surgery actually operate?

nydailynews: Most often, an incision is made inside the lower lip or under the chin. An implant of the desired size and shape is then placed inside the chin.

The ASPS believes the increased usage of video chat technology, an aging baby boomer population and a desire for success in the workplace are key factors in the rise of the procedure.

Increased video chat technology? Are we to believe that so many of us dared exist  with receding chins in the world prior to the occurrence of such technology to alert us to the latest inefficiency of our souls, morals, state of mind and now body?

And how much do such must have augmentations cost? A paltry $2500- $5000 an and of course you already know that shit is not for a second covered by your health plan, but somehow I’m willing to bet most of you will find the money somewhere for this must have accoutrement…