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Peter Facinelli purported lover is fired for refusing to out herself.

Brianne Patterson. Who is she really? Image via the Dirty: http://thedirty.com/2011/03/dirty-psycho-btch/ Be sure to go to see what the dirty have to say about this individual.

Brianne Patterson. Who is she really? Image via the Dirty: http://thedirty.com/2011/03/dirty-psycho-btch/ Be sure to go to see what the dirty have to say about this individual.

The curious case of Internet stalker and savage Brianne Patterson.

How an alleged affair with Peter Facinelli suddenly went to the ‘you got to be kidding me’ vernacular that had this editor/publisher wagging his tongue in disbelief…to the diabolical actions of illegal tampering, switching and baiting and sudden denial.

It began like this last Sunday eve:

Brianne Patterson, gossip writer about town: ” You’re never going to believe this, but Peter Facinelli and his wife Jennie Garth are getting a divorce.”

Me: Wow. Where did you get this from TMZ? 

BP: No my private sources. 

Me: Meaning…?

BP: Easy…I’ll get to that.

(brief pause)

Me: So why they are getting divorced?

BP: Cause he slept around.

(brief pause again)

Me: ‘With whom?”

(even longer pause now)

BP: “Me….” 

 And this too:

And so starts the drama that has led to this journal receiving a letter from Peter Facinelli’s legal counsel demanding a public retraction  with regards to their client, the Twilight actor Peter Facinelli with respect to him ever having had an affair behind his wife’s back.

In a way his counsel is right, for Peter Facinelli’s affair was never behind Jennie Garth’s back, it was with her complicit understanding, which as Brianne Patterson kindly reminded me- doesn’t technically make it an affair. That’s assuming extraneous liasons ever actually took place

But before we can really fathom what this all really means we’re going to have to like all sleazy stories (sorry Peter- I still think you are a hawt bixch…) have to back up a bit.

A few days ago I received pressing communication from Brianne Patterson insisting that she had the lowdown on Twilight actor Peter Facinelli who according to her was now getting a divorce from his long time wife Jennie Garth. How she obtained this information defied understanding. All she would reveal was that she had inside knowledge of the case and that Peter and his wife would be going public with their divorce in a matter of days. Even better, she knew what had come between their marriage, a woman who had slept with Peter.




Who was I to doubt her, for the next morning after our story went public their divorce was conspicuously announced to the tabloids.

But even before I proceed with the particulars it may help to understand who I have come over the last twelve hours to innately understand who Brianne Patterson is. Who she is in short is an aspiring celebrity in her own rights who will use any technique, trick, scheme to get to the podium that she so desperately wants access to. (our research shows this below: )


From Kathryn McDermott one of our long term writers at the journal comes the following, as she went into research mode today. We needed to get answers now :


If you do a bit of digging through Google you quickly find out that she is a big fake:

A Twitter account exposing her real name (and face!) Candace Patterson:https://twitter.com/#!/realann…

On the Dirty:

A post of the Dirty about what a creepy fame monger she is: http://thedirty.com/2011/03/di… then and still now: http://thedirty.com/2012/01/br… which notes she calls herself a writer.


I have a friend that is very closely connected to Kelly Clarkson. I asked her if she knew Brianne Chantal, or Anne Chantal, or Brianne Patterson, or Candace Patterson; and according to Jamie, she immediately reacted. Brianne STALKS all fans (She has stolen Jamie’s pictures on multiple occasions and then called them her own and threatened Jamie when she called her out on it) as well as hacked computers and stole tracks which were then leaked. There are multiple people that have called her out on this on different Kelly Clarkson fan sites. She has also claimed to have lesbian pictures of Kelly Clarkson, which she mysteriously stopped bringing up after Kelly’s manager was alerted of the incident with Brianne.

She has also been known for years to “steal and leak” videos of KC or at least pretend to, and has been caught doing so.

From Idolator: http://idolator.com/5538042/ke…

And here is her being called out for it:

…and more:


Recently, she also claimed on her TUMBLR to be the owner of the Casey Anthony tapes, saying that people could message her for details on how to get their hands on it:

Pretty crazy.

Tinsel Korey, who Brianne Patterson has implicated as one of Peter Facinelli's lovers.

And here’s this:

To be sure the legacy she has left to date has been a distasteful one but who was I at the time to deny someone who I discovered over the web earlier this year breaking leads that seasoned journalists had failed to find their day in the sun? Especially when they kept coming up with the goods?

As long as she had the facts and proof we were all good to go. So I thought…

In short Brianne Patterson is a Canadian writer/fan/psycho/sycophant whom I first came across with regards to timely leaks pertaining to not guilty child killer Casey Anthony earlier this year. Everywhere I looked she was always one step ahead of me and fellow journalists from respective media outlets.

She always seemed to know where and how the leaks were coming from (Kelly Clarkson, Casey Anthony and now Peter Facinelli) and getting her hands on images and information that were the appetite of every tabloid writer’s wet dreams. How or where she found her information defied logic, but all I knew was she was onto something and I had to get inside her head.

And from there we went to bat, publishing stories, alluding to conduct that had taken place and building to the eventual release of all the guilty parties in the next few days. But then that all changed last night when our outlet was served courtesy of Peter Facinelli’s counsel. Suddenly Ms Patterson went into panic mode. But why? If she had the goods and proof there was nothing to fear?


And yet upon returning from dinner the evening after Peter Facinelli’s lawyers served our outlet I found almost every article we had written on the matter deleted. How did this happen? I reached out to Ms Patterson. No answer. Why wasn’t she picking up the phone? Then the texts came: see below.

She wanted out. But why? What had changed? What was said to her? Did someone reach out to her? Was she protecting someone? And why would she not consult with me first the publisher before drastically pulling all these articles off? What had happened?

And then this:

And there it was again. SARAH. But who was Sarah? Was she the other woman that Ms Patterson had alluded to me earlier in the week that was involved?

Now suddenly the texts became diabolical. Suddenly hysterical and then this morning I discovered her personal blog defaming me and outright insisting that I had written all the articles myself and that I was being an imposter. Really? Does it get any more diabolical?

At the end of the day you the reader will have to answer the question yourself. Did the actor Peter Facinelli really have an affair? Or is this all a product of an overzealous imagination and was this publisher unwittingly used? Or is it a situation that something behind the scenes is going on and in due course we will all come to discover that Mr Facinelli did indeed have an affair. Or not….

But then again why do we care so much what our icons do in their spare time…?

At present I have sent Sarah an email and am waiting to see if she will say anything or provide the much promised images.

And just over an hour ago before we published this piece came the following message from Brianne. Such is the life of an aspiring media whore…


Breaking: Peter Facinelli files for divorce whilst Jennie Garth pleads to save marriage.

The curious case of Internet stalker and savage Brianne Patterson.

Peter Facinelli purported lover is fired for refusing to out herself.

Peter Facinelli’s mystery woman said to be very much in love with him.

Blind item suggests Peter Facinelli porked fellow Twilighter

EXCLUSIVE: Mystery woman opens up about alleged affair with Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli now denies affair ever took place

Peter Facinelli affair took place with wife’s consent at downtown Sheraton Vancouver hotel

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli lover steps up and reveals he had an affair

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth divorcing



  1. Why not keep your biological name? Why choose something that describes fake, shiny, plastic crap you through away after a few days.

  2. she got caught for lying about being native. then tried to post on her twitter words like “rez” and “nish” and befriend native artists, like crystal, who claims she knows harsha/tinsel isnt even NDN. she is the most hated actress among natives by far. cant think of anyone that has anything good to say bout her.

  3. Harsha Patel, aka Tinsel Korey, is ugly as hell. He woulda humped Brianna before he hit that punjab up.

  4. People have proof and logs of you and your wife admitting to writing that ripoff report under Brianne’s name…….

  5. Why don’t you just fuck off and go back to where you came from. “Guest”. If Jamie wants to post her story here then she has every right to, regardless of her own faults. This article is about the chronicles of Candace Patterson, and her endless stream of deception, not about those who are unfortunate enough to have been crossed by her, whatever their issue. Jamie might have done X,Y & Z in the past, but I can guarantee she has never publicly tore someone to shreds to the extent that they can’t sleep at night. That’s why Candace and her enemies are two separate entities, whatever they might of done.

    She’s lucky for the things she’s done to me in the past, I don’t hire a lawyer in Canada to knock her fucking ass out on the street where she belongs. Stupid dumb bitch is going to get what’s coming to her WHICH IS A MASSIVE LAWSUIT. Whether it’s from the celebrities she constantly defames, the civilians she harasses or the slander and defamation of character. Like I’ve said in a previous post, there are two legitimate members of the KCE and another Forum (who are high-paid professionals in their own right, so they have the money to do it) currently seeking counsel together to build a case and sue her ass, and last time I checked all was going well. I have reason to suspect as well she might also be pursued in the near future by someone who DEFINITELY has the money for involvement with none other than DJ stolen. She’s getting it. Maybe I’ll have a try myself, I’ve always wanted a Yacht. If she thinks she can get away with this because the reality is that she lives with her aunt and obese cat, and has nothing to be sued for, then she can think again because there is a little thing in Canada called an attachment of earnings order.

    Good luck Candace, hope you’re having fun in your imaginary vacation to Seattle. Make it last because I suspect it will be the last vacation you go on in a while, money is about to get a little tight baby.

  6. Then she has lied to the police, because her name is Candace Patterson. This is against the law, obviously, even in Canada. So please contact the local station in Burnaby BC and assist them in making sure she does not get away with lying to the police.

  7. she made up a pregnancy back when she was 15-16 online. she got busted by using a stock photo as her “baby” pictures. when she got caught she quickly claimed that they paid to use the baby pictures as stock… even though the date on the pictures were from years previous.

    this is her 2nd or 3rd “pregnancy”.

  8. How did Brianna know though? Obviously she knows people and/or there is a shred of truth to this story. Maybe she did in fact have relations with Peter. One will never know though with how those two seem to be protecting each other now. It is all very suspect.

  9. We aren’t retracting Jon. And I will tell you why:


    there has not been a shred of malice from this journal and it’s just a celeb trying to get their way with the press. With respect to Ms Patterson the journal has made it abundantly clear that we have misgivings about the source but we also acknowledge that the source did have the lowdown before anyone else did and just before said celeb went to press to declare their divorce public.

  10. we will see how much sense this makes when I come home tomorrow from work to see how many post are still on this site that you have control over, retraction? an apology for leaving the lies on your site for as long as you have or is just all about hits on this site?

  11. Wow! It all makes sense. So we are really dealing with a live bait psychotic individual here. Thanks Jon. Don’t think she’ll ever land another position ever again after this latest escapade…

  12. and by the way, I brought two 28 foot trailer loads of supplies to the victims of Henryville Indiana and also going back in 2 weeks to help rebuild homes for them. Now surely you have more money than I, what did you do?

  13. The ripoff report you speak of was written by no one other that Ms. Patterson pretending to be Holly. You would have to ask Ms. Patterson for the log in information to get it removed.Holly has never!!! said or would ever say to be one of Your reporters, Again ask Ms. Patterson. As for the first time I met Ms. Patterson in a pm trying to give me a non existent Video in a pm which I called her out on, I too as many others did was to Google her name and found out what kind of person she was. I would think that an editor of a online magazine would have done the same and found out what kind of person he was about to employ.Lets face it, Ms. Patterson has had her share of run ins with people before she was in your employment. The minute you start to believe one word that comes out of her mouth is the time that what ever credibility you have goes right down the drain with her.

  14. where does it say that? pretty sure she said on her twitter her lawyer had, then retracted that here lololol

  15. I’m confused why people are saying her bf or whose he is doesn’t exist when there are photos of them together on her Facebook account. The one thing I’ve come to realize is that you cannot believe everything one says on the internet. I suppose one could argue that he simply hasn’t made his information public enough for Scallywags to stalk him too. Also it looks like she said HER lawyer hadn’t sent Scallywags a cease/desist so that above comment or is lacking reading comprehension.

  16. Don’t act like you’re innocent, Jamie. You stalk Kelly Clarkson everywhere she goes including the hotels she stays at and you brag about it. You’re right up there on par with Brianne.

  17. If she knew about the divorce before the rest of the media then she obviously has insiders and knows people, and clearly ISN’T who she says she is. “Brianne” is Kelly Clarkson’s middle name…you guys do the math. Creepy much? She also always knew where the Twilight cast was filming along with a few other people in Vancouver knowing the same details as her. I think whoever her insiders might be need to be investigated. This girl is getting her information from someone, somehow. I think there’s much more to it than what meets the eye and she’s covering for somebody.

  18. Good question John. But then may I ask why your wife is going out of her way pretending to be one of my writers and making one of these libelous assertions:


    It’s very bad form.

    But to answer your question directly, the job of an editor is to have faith in their writer(s) that the information that they bring forth has been researched and has merit. Judging from what was offered at the time and the history your wife has (see link above cleverly attempting to be on of my writers) of fabricating information I was indeed of the opinion that perhaps what Ms Patterson had to say on the matter at the time carried validity, which is why I agreed to publish an article questioning you and your wife’s motives in seeking to collect donations.

    But then again my biggest error may have been believing that Ms Paterson and your wife could carry on their sluge hate game with each other with some degree of decorum instead of sullying this site to base levels. But then again this is tabloid journalism so i have to remind myself that the sleaze will sometimes make its way to the front of the table….

  19. Titliwinging is correct. I have also read on her blog (which she deletes when it doesn’t fit into a new lie) that she, in fact, has never left the country, and doesn’t have a passport. And Candace, I am STILL waiting to hear what you’ve got to say about your ‘trip to Grammys for Scallywag’

  20. Gretchen, if you had been a personal victim of Ms. Patterson, I can guarantee you that you’d feel quite differently.

  21. the job of a journalist is to responsibly show evidence as it arrives. OK, what is the job of the editor? Is it to just let every bit of b.s. be posted on their page. You Chris, allowed and still allow post of Holly and I on your site. I don’t go blogging, Holly does and she has her site. You have a story of my, not Holly’s donations for the victims in Indiana. this is what I do. help people.Abused children and domestic abuse victims. If this is true what you say about having proof to back up details of a story”confirmed”, then please share with your readers your proof of what and all stories you have on this site of Holly and I. If you don’t have a “confirmed” story, then it should never been published in the first place.Here is something for all your readers to ponder, is Chris blowing smoke up our butt’s or does he truly mean what he is saying?

  22. As a person who has been personally attacked by Brianne, you have no idea how nice it is to see this article. I have always tried to keep quiet the many times she has made fake twitter accounts to tweet Kelly Clarkson’s band about how me and other fans were “psychos.” I never will understand how someone could focus so much attention on people she has never met personally or talked to. That being said I guess karma does exist after all.

  23. Truth Sayer – the job of a journalist is to responsibly show evidence as it arrives and to then let people discuss its merits. If I had something to hide I would not have written this article or even allowed the comments that are being made on this post be shared with the public at large.

    And with respect to fame, we have been around for quite some time, so we were probably famous before Ms Patterson dropped by. But then again, fame is hardly what inspires us.

  24. Actually I have you texting this journal to the effect that you are pregnant and with morning sickness. But is that all fabricated too?

  25. Read the article again and notice all the citations against you from third parties and then pay attention to all the texts and emails you sent this journal that clearly show you divulging information.

    And with respect to your link all you have done is photoshop and re arrange email exchanges to distance yourself from the events and to make this journal appear as the perpetrator. Then again, last time I googled you, all I found was a barrage of articles carefully explaining that this is your forte.

    Should we write a part 2 with the other compelling evidence this journal has recently accumulated in the last 24 hours extolling your exploits?

    Interesting one minute you are hot to trot but the moment you are made aware that a celebrity is seeking counsel representation is the minute you run for the hills? Can we all guess why?

  26. nothing to say in regards to that old porkie pie? I thought as much babe…. Chris should upload a pic of this mystery C&D! lol!

  27. Proof he exists or GTFO you fat puta, there is no record of him anywhere. I’ll make it interesting – Proof he exists or scally and holly both get interesting e-mails in the morning containing photo’s from a photobucket account you never deleted. Go go go!

  28. You WISH he didn’t exist. Are you so unhappy with your own life that you have to try and make other people’s lives seem as miserable as yours? I don’t ever recall publicly saying I was pregnant anyway. I remember discussing *A* pregnancy but that doesn’t particularly mean it was my own. Oh how easily things can be twisted on the web! And whether I am or am not, really isn’t any of your business.

  29. Trust me, Jason Foxbury does NOT exist. She’s making up her pregnancy. Just like she makes up everything else.

  30. She’s now back-tracking to PeterFac fans on twitter saying that Peter Fac AND her own lawyer have both sent you C&D letters, can you confirm this? lol cray bitch can’t afford a lawyer.

  31. You admit she’s insane. Yet you continue to buy her story that she slept with Peter, even after she admitted she made it up. The reason she ran for the hills is because she never even met the guy and has nothing on him. You posting this article only proves how stupid u and this site are. You just wanted 15min of fame for your ridiculous site so you tried to ruin him for web hits. How fdo you sleep at night. I hope he sues the shit out of you. This is the last time I come to this site. Its completely uncredible and full of lies.

  32. Jason Foxbury exists but he isn’t her boyfriend (anymore.) He did stupidly get her pregnant a month ago but he got smart and got the hell out. Now he is taking her to court for custody once the child is born.

  33. Oh and far as people who have been investigating for her are away, Jason Foxbury (@jfoxbury) who is Brianne’s alleged boyfriend, does not exist. He’s never existed and there is no record of him online pertaining to the area in which Candace lives (Burnaby, BC) or surrounding areas within 200 miles. We did not search other possibilities but drew a blank, but what we do know is that this bitch lives in affordable housing in BC, and possibly with her aunt and a cat. Bitch craycray. She doesn’t have any money, and she might possibly work as a low-paid receptionist at a nearby firm, but that is still yet to be confirmed. She has never even left country lines, let alone been to LA and to the Grammy’s etc.

  34. This woman, dating back to the early 2000’s, has harassed people on the internet. So much so she has been banned from ISP’s in the past. I am from the KCE and I too have been targeted by annechantal/brianne/Candace once upon a time. Her escapades date back to running a fake kelly clarkson twitter account (before kelly had one) and before racking up 40k in followers, then personally targeting individual members of the KCE forum under the guise of kelly clarkson. She has also personally harassed individual members of Kelly Clarkson’s band, and her friends and family. So much so that a band member has personally contacted members of the KCE to say that if she makes any attempt to approach them or attend a concert, should they ever tour in her area, she will be banned and stewards/security will have her photo. To top it all off, she has personally obtained HACKED fiiles from Kelly Clarksons computer, as she was in contact with DJ Stolen himself (the guy who hacked gaga, kelly, etc) and has photo’s, etc. She has made other vicious attacks against people, and there are two KCE members currently in talks with their lawyers to make a case against her for serious harassment, as they now have her personal details from a false DMCA claim she made on Youtube which she foolishly used her home address and real name for. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get SERVED. Oh and there was also a lulzy drama which she implicated herself in, involving Sam Lutfi, google it. I believe this woman has a serious mental disorder, and will spend her time on the internet attaching herself to the “most recent” cleebrity scandal, and will implicate herself in them as much as she can, if she cannot she will do whatever else she can to make herself known, and that usually involves harassing the celebrity herself, or the fans. Some people would not usually dare to mess with this woman or grab her buy the horns, but I am waiting for the day she gets served summons by some poor celebrity she has seriously defames. Here is hoping Peter Facinelli’s lawyer picks up on this, if they already have. Candace baby, your days are numbered.

  35. You’re reaching, Scallywag. Emails and things of this nature can be easily photoshopped. You’re starting to make yourselves look not very reputable.

  36. She is NOT keeping a low profile…she has been tweeting about this all over Twitterland. She is merely attempting to cover her fat ass from a lawsuit and pass the buck along to someone else…as she has and will always do.

  37. I agree – pretty unusual that she seems to want to protect Peter so badly. But let’s not judge Perer for it yet until we know all the details. He or Brianna will have to it all eventually.

  38. Take a look at her picture….even if he were dumb, deaf and blind…and drunk out of his mind…he wouldn’t touch THAT with a ten foot pole.

  39. I think her having an affair or having had an affair may be the one truthful thing about her that you’ve uncovered – normally she’d be flaunting herself all over the place but she is trying to conceal her identity so as to not get in the press or have paparazzi start to follow her around. I wholeheartedly agree that she ruined Jennie Garrha marriage. Bitch.

  40. This is GREAT! Just wait Scallywag, I guarantee her next move will be to threaten you with a lawsuit. That’s how she rolls with everyone. She’ll tell you her lawyers will be in contat with you. The girl is a nutcase, and needs to be taken down! I’m sorry you found out the hard way, but at least you’re aware now of the crazy person she really is. o_O

  41. Also.. every single bad comment you will receive to this and every good comment she receives on her blog… they are from her using different names. That’s how she rolls .. dirty and crazy.

  42. Such a relief to get this beast off our chest Kathryn. Thank you for all the invaluable research. – love Scallywag xo

  43. An Addendum:

    As a journalist, there is (almost) no greater high than uncovering and exposing a great story; especially one that seems far too outrageous to be true. Take for example the, literal, web of deceit that has been spun by (Candace) Brianne Patterson (http://radionewz.net/2012/02/boycott-brianne-patterson/) throughout the internet over the past few years.
    Patterson, a 25-year-old Canadian, fan-girl-gone-wild/self-proclaimed ‘journalist,’ is what 11-year-old internet phenom, Jessi Slaughter, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy4gGs8_90w&feature=related) would have become in ten years.

    Notorious for bad behavior on the web, as far back as 2003, (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=119574&highlight=fabonline), she’s got many concerned browsers asking, “What the fxck is up with this girl?” Her most recent victim, Scallywag and Vagabond, we hope will be her last. Let this be a word of warning for all that may just happen to browse one of her many name: Just Stay Away.

    Google Brianne Patterson, and you will see a search paged littered with questionable behavior; or what some have referred to as a ‘colorful internet past.’ Any of the following (multiple personalities) aliases will provide you more information on this elusive being; Anne Chantal, Brianne Chantal, Candace Patterson, serves plenty of hits on, the very same girl who, for clarity’s sake, we’ll call Brianne. It’s when you type “crazy” next to those names, however, that’s when the search results start getting really good.

    We won’t bore you with what you can find said by Kelly Clarkson (http://kcfandomsekrits.tumblr.com/post/8360042017/what-is-the-deal-with-this-anne-chantal-person-why-is) about her.

    Or what Holly Briley (http://thatsonecrazycanadianbitch.blogspot.com/) and The Truth About Brianne (http://candacepatterson.blogspot.com/) blogs wants you to know.

    Oh, yea, and The Dirty, (http://thedirty.com/2011/03/dirty-psycho-btch/) too.

    We won’t go into detail about her pretending to attend The Grammys that Scallywag never sent her to; we’ll let her Tweets below speak for themselves:


    We will, however, advise you: don’t think you’ll never have the misfortune of running into Ms. Brianne Chantal, Whoever She Is. As fate would have it, this author, within just a few weeks’ time, discovered two bizarre first-person connections to this lovely Canadian lass herself; proving that no matter when in the world you are, the World Wide Web, is unsettlingly small.

    -The Researcher

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