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EXCLUSIVE: Mystery woman opens up about alleged affair with Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli and Jennie
Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth. Who came between them?

With yesterday’s shocking announcement of Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth’s divorce, rumors have been circulating ever since. At Scallywag & Vagabond, we can confirm that Facinelli did not have an affair with his Twilight co-star Tinsel Korey. However, we can also confirm that we’ve gotten an exclusive interview this evening straight from the woman who claims to have had relations with the 38 year old actor – though Facinelli vehemently denies it. Of course we had plenty of questions for the 26 year old Canadian woman, who at this time wishes to remain anonymous.

When asked the reason behind wanting to keep her identity a secret, she told us, “Because I’m not like most people. I don’t want my fifteen minutes of fame, I couldn’t care less about being in the spotlight, I just want to get my story out there.” Of course that only led to more questions – like why even bother? Her response was that, “For the past three years I have carried the guilt with me. There was literally no one I could talk to about it.”

So just when did this alleged affair really begin? August of 2009, during filming of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, says the woman. She would not go into details about just how many times her and Facinelli got together, however stated that they again connected in early 2011 during filming of the saga’s final installment, Breaking Dawn, thus making it a 2-year-long fling.

And just where did Jennie Garth play into all of this? Did she truly know about the affair like sources have said? “I wouldn’t say she knew, but I wouldn’t say she didn’t know either,” says the woman. While Garth had been spotted in Vancouver when this alleged affair first began, the woman says her and Garth never crossed paths. As for how the affair ended, “I just knew it was wrong. I ultimately didn’t want to be responsible for the dissolution of someone’s marriage and family and I knew nothing would ever come out of it anyway.” The woman also claims she was not the only female that Facinelli was allegedly shacking up with – accusing him of “experimenting” with males – one being a younger co-star. Taylor Lautner, perhaps?

What does she think about Peter and Jennie issuing a statement denying the rumors of infidelity and was she hurt by it? “Not at all. I understand it,” she says. “I don’t think anyone, especially someone in the public eye would come right out and say, ‘Oh yeah, I cheated,’ you know? So I get it. Peter’s a good guy, despite it all.”

When asked if she would do it again, we got a rather surprising answer (which seems to throw the guilt she carries right out the window), “If you had the chance to hook up with a famous celebrity, wouldn’t you? I’m just being honest!” Oh, and what about her credibility being on the line? “People will believe what they want to believe. That’s their prerogative,” adding, “The proof will come to light eventually.”

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  1. She
    thanked Jennifer Podemski – and Jen hates “Tinsel” – she fired her
    from hosting the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards when she found out she
    was Asian and not Native. She also called Doug Yazzie her “best
    friend” and not her husband. They’ve
    been married for years. She also stated that her dad is JP Korey, and that she
    will always carry his “name.” What a freakin’ phoney. JP isn’t her
    biological dad, so why the f*ck should she steal his name and pretend to be
    related to him. That part pissed me off cause I have known “Tinsel”
    for so long and am beyond sick of her lies and deceitfulness to gain publicity
    and combat her shady lying past.

    -Sickened Beyond Belief

  2. Most men cheat. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an affair with a make-up artist or production intern that had a crush. As for cheating with Tinsel Korey, I don’t think so. Men cheat with someone hotter and younger, not uglier, more vapid, and an “unknown.”

  3. Yo! Brianna! Do the world a favour and try breaking the truth on the Tinsel korey/Harsha PATEL scandel

  4. She is a joke to actual NDNs from the rez and off reserve. I can’t stand white chicks saying Lauter and Harsha Patel are real “Native Americans.” Try explaining this to N8tv kids why these two are represented in the media.

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