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Breaking: Peter Facinelli files for divorce whilst Jennie Garth pleads to save marriage.

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth. Images via TMZ
Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth. Images via TMZ

Jennie Garth wants to tell you she’s very pissed off with her ex Peter Facinelli.

Where did the love go?

Over 3 weeks ago fans were shocked when we first revealed that Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth’s marriage was on the rocks and that they would be filing for divorce. Not less than 24 hours laterthe couple after mounting pressure and gossip on twitter went public and admitted that their marriage was indeed on the rocks and yes they had both resigned that they would be divorcing.

At the time a source revealed that she had slept with the actor which to this day has not been positively affirmed given the  sudden revelations of character flaws and history of lack of integrity of the source and general conniving said source has exhibited extensively on the web. It may also be a situation that the source is covering for an unnamed individual who to date has not been revealed? Interestingly upon learning that our journal was served legal papers by Peter Facinelli’s counsel our writer at the time, the leaker of the source illictly attempted to take down our articles behind the journal’s back.

Suffice it to say the couple’s marriage was on the rocks and whether it was a result of the couple drifting apart, new love interests or just plain apathy is up for conjecture.

As a side note the couple had made strenuous demands that there was no affair involved and had even served our journal legal papers to retract our articles and offer a public apology. We did not and they are referenced at the bottom of this article.

That said according to TMZ, Twilight star Peter Facinelli filed papers for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ But perhaps what gives pathos to the break up of one of Hollywood’s most admired couples is the fact that the day Mr Facinelli files for divorce is the day Jennie Garth discloses in an interview that she will not give up on him

Said Jennie Garth about the split to People mag: ‘I was very resistant. I didn’t want it to happen. He did what he needed to do. I don’t want to walk for him. Or Do I? Of course I wish he had wanted to try harder, try again, try something else.’

And perhaps most indicative of the stress and torment that has befallen these two the actress offered the following: ‘You get the rug pulled from under you. I would take the girls to school, then go back and get into bed and not get up again until it was time to pick them up from school, and I had to pretend everything was fine.’

Offered Jennie Garth when faced to finally disclose to the children that her and Peter were set to divorce:

‘I just held them. They cried. I cried. It was really hard,’

Such are the calamities of Hollywood marriages but what one senses of two people very much in love or at least one of them….

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  1. Jesus, Brianne! How many personalities/aliases do you have? There can’t possibly be this many people willing to stick up for a pariah like you out of the goodness of their hearts. And if any of them had any courage of conviction (and weren’t a figment of your wild imagination) they’d surely enough publish their name and take responsibility for their absurdly misguided opinions of you.

  2. John Doe, I would never delete a comment like this. It’s priceless. Enjoy the balance of your day- the Editor.

  3. I also fully expect you to delete this comment, Scallywag. You seem to delete anything that reveals the TRUTH. Something you’re not too familiar with, yourself, judging by all the bullshit you post daily on this web site.

  4. Typically when a legal team sends a cease and desist letter, you abide by it, so the fact that you continue to write about this is both hysterical and stupid. I am sure you’ll be answering to Facinelli’s lawyers in court soon as well as Brianne’s lawyers, possibly, as to why you published articles about Facinelli using Brianne’s name when it has been confirmed and proven she no longer writes for you. Not because you fired her like you claim, but because she quit on your ass after you failed to stop posting things under her alias – and the articles she DID write, you failed to pay her for her work which you promised to do so – that has also been proven and could also land you in court, I suppose, if she wants to waste time with a legal case on you. Then again, how could you possibly pay someone when you whine to people that you can barely even pay your own rent? LOL!!! Personally, if I were Brianne or Facinelli’s legal teams, you wouldn’t be worth my time of day.

  5. Any good writer would retract things if asked to by a legal team and that is what Brianne Chantal did when she found out you were publishing defamatory articles about Peter Facinelli using her name. Go back to the bridge you came out from under, Scallywag.

  6. If the person was “our” source, aren’t you essentially admitting you indeed published those articles under Miss. Brianne Chantal’s name without consent like she claims? Otherwise it would have been “Brianne’s source.” So you’re either taking credit for her work (***face it, that girl got your website plenty of hits when she wrote for you whether you like the woman now or not***) or you just dug yourself into a hole and admitted everything you write is fabricated and full of sh!t. No one even takes this website seriously. Leave Jennie and Peter alone.

  7. It is easy to judge tweets and I don’t think you can judge that one even though it would be safe to say “Kelly Taylor” references Jennie Garth though one could argue it could be in reference tow gone since she does not name the actress.

    Do I think Scallywag is tabloid “journalism” at best? Yes. Plus it has already been discovered and proven that he publishes things under other individuals names w/ out their consent (in this case, Brianna’s) etcetera. I don’t think she slept with Peter, I think it was all made up and photoshopped by Scallywag.


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