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Jennie Garth wants to tell you she’s very pissed off with her ex Peter Facinelli.

Jennie Garth
Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth isn’t too thrilled with her soon to be ex’s attitude…

It looks like implosion in Hollywood boulevard is set to unfold with US mag’s latest article chartering actress Jennie Garth’s unease about her impending divorce to Twilight heart throb Peter Facinelli.

usmag: According to insiders, Facinelli, 38, did fight to save their marriage — despite what Garth wants people to believe. “He loved being a family man,” one insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday). “It was not an easy decision, but they reached an impasse.”

Hmm. Interesting, seems Jennie is rather piqued and has gone on a public battle cry to regale her ex who has interestingly chosen to stay low whilst Jennie has been doing the media whore circuit nursing her wounds in public (yes- each to his own, personally a good bottle of moonshine will help take the edge of heart break…blah!)

But apparently here’s where the pisser comes: Tne major issue in their marriage: Facinelli’s increasing fame (thanks to the Twilight films and hit TV show Nurse Jackie) irked Garth, who stars on an upcoming CMT reality show. “Her career hit a standstill, and she became resentful,” the source says.

Oh dear. Do we dare believe that kids?  Jennie jealous of Peter? What else could she possibly be of? Well I’ll let you all figure that out for yourselves….

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  1. …it is important to not assume that it was all about Jennie’s jealousy. Maybe Peter changed when he became successful. It happens all the time…not just with celebrities. I would guess that both of them played a part in this. Very sad.

  2. How unfortunate that jealousy and envy of fame contributed to this marriage ending. There are many big stars out there whose partners are either “regular people”, or non-A list actors. This goes to show that they were probably living seperate lives…it could have gone both ways. Did her jealously keep her from being supportive of her husband’s success? Did his fame go to his head, and cause him to treat her differently? Did he exclude her from his circle of fame?

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