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Was Whitney Houston a secret lesbian? Did self disgust fuel a drug binge?


Busted! Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi found getting high on cocaine after funeral.

Drug dealer reveals he sold Whitney thousands of dollars worth of cocaine prior to her death.

Bobby Brown rushes to a casino after Whitney’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, known coke fiend now being urged to enter rehab.

Was Whitney Houston’s greatest love a woman?

Adding to the drama that our collective heroine Whitney Houston was a tormented soul (as well as a tortured wife courtesy of her husband, etc, etc)  is the revelation courtesy of the dailymail(yes I’m also surprised too) that Whitney Houston may have been a closet lesbian, the angst of which led to her spiraling use of drugs. Hmm…

dailymail.co.uk: Whitney Houston was a secret lesbian and binged on the drugs and alcohol that killed her because she was torn over living a lie, it has been claimed.

Rumours have been circulating for 30 years that the singer had had a secret relationship with her ex-assistant, but her friends have now publicly spoken about her sexuality following her death.

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell even said her marriage to Bobby Brown was a smokescreen.

A smokescreen that one has to admit was very well orchestrated. Or are the propping of sudden rumors the media’s attempt to propagate the myth of a tortured soul who ultimately had no way to deal with the horrid existence of being a ‘lesbian’ but by escape at any price possible? But then again why is the media going out of its way to raise questions of the singer’s sexuality and what are we implicitly suggesting about those who do happen to be gay?

Reflect a corterie of dailymail readers:

This was common knowledge in the gay community two decades ago apparently, why the big deal now? Having a gay brother who’s a mover in the scene, you get to hear all the stars who conceal their true religion. It’s a damning indictment of public prejudice that so many have to keep it a secret as they know it will affect their movie/record/ticket sales.

This just seems like going over old ground!!! Those “Lesbian” rumors about Whitney have been going around since the 80’s.it just seems pointless now to be going over things like this.I doubt very much if she was gay it would have been the reason for her drug abuse, I bet the reason for her problems was just like that of Michael Jackson,Marilyn Monroe,Amy Winehouse etc…and that reason is too much to soon and never ending press attention.

What tosh! Would her family or management “force” Whitney to marry a man like Bobby Brown who had a dreadful reputation! Hilarious. If she wanted to hide her “real” sexual orientation, she could have found a more suitable man! Personally, I could care less about her sex life but I know in America it is a very different story. Many an actor has found the work dried up when they “came out!”!!! Regarding Whitney’s comments about “her end was near” rubbish. Well SHE had the control of that situation, everyone tried to help her, she went repeatedly into rehab with the support of her management etc. Everyone tried to help her but she was not willing to give up her drug addiction. Other people like Elton John managed to get off drugs, Whitney could have done the same.

But this is the one I liked best:

I’m not a fan of Whitney Houston, but it seems wrong that now she’s dead and so can’t defend herself in the libel courts rumours and newspaper articles are coming up. At least people waited a couple of months before making allegations about Jimmy Savile, Whitney isn’t even cold and already the allegations are being made. So what if she was a lesbian? It’s perfectly legal and no-one seems to think any less of women who are lesbians, so what’s the fuss about? She was a singer, and quite a good one, though not of a style that appealed to my musical tastes, so who cares whether she had lesbian tendencies?

Indeed what is the fuss? What is it about this woman who has ruptured a splinter in the nation’s consciousness? She’d been drug addled for years- that was never a secret. She’d been unhappily married for years, also not a secret. She was also as many would argue dead for years as well, no longer entrancing us of the youth and vigor that once eviscerated us, nothing more than a ghost skeletal of her grandness who ultimately became a slow train wreck to hell. And yet the media has come to resurrect her, re manufacture her and re brand her- all nice things when you happen to own the rights to all the music she made never mind studios are racing to pre release the movie she made before her death before its original summer release to of course take advantage of her sudden rise in popularity.

In other words, it’s just another day at the hands of big media and the products that they hope to push down your throat and the dollar bill they hope to seduce you out of. Really, did it ever matter if Whitney Houston was a lesbian or anything else that may have momentarily caused Hollywood or for that matter you to jeer? In fact why should the singer’s sexuality even have been a question? The proof is in the vast bank roll suddenly re jiggered. Clive Davis must be one happy bixch.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm…….. Idk tbh only Nippy knows this. But I love her dearly and wish she was still here. I miss her everyday, and love her always for being her to the best of her own ability, that’s all one can do. Shine on precious angel. U still hold the candle to light the darkness and mean the world to me. x

  2. Actually when I worked at a record label I had a general convo about Whitney Houston and her drug use…and of course like all I said…well…that Bobby Brown introduced or helped enhance the addict inside of her. Well…Ill never forget that executive telling me that inside the industry it is known that Whitney loved her friend Robyn a great deal and that they were lovers…but of course Whitney a business..could not expose that to the world…especially in the 80s and 90s…also she was a a highly religious woman…so that too likely caused conflict…but this exec…before all of these recent articles…just us having a chit chat…said Whitney started heavily using due to her battle with her feelings for Robyn…and it enhanced once Robyn left her team…or u can even say …left her life. Even Bobby admitted in a tell all that whitney married him to fight rumors…or simply to hide from herself. First of all…if this was a battle…that id more of the crime that she could not openly be herself…I have xeen that cause pain in regular people..can’t imagine her level…remember she was a business…millions on the line…a lot is ochestrated on that level…may not make sense to u from the outside..but makes sense to them. Why Bobby as a smokescreen…Bobby was huge during that era…and had the black market on lock…something Whitney did not…in fact she was booed at the Soul Train music awards…ironically where she “met” Bobby…that boo from ur own people hurt her…so I gather Bobby helped give her cred…but with a boo from the audience over crossover…do u think after that she would admit to loving a woman as well? Hell no!! With movies coming…and more money… But that does not mean privately she was not battling…many have…she would not be the first…this convo should happen…to help others to have the courage to be themselves

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