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So what do fashion models eat during fashion week anyway?


Here’s some interesting trivia that will either have you reaching for some sushi or saying to hell with it and loading up on that spaghetti bolognese dish that you promised you’d eat one day again this decade.

That said, here’s a fun piece via nymag that set out to explore what models eat during fashion week (if you want to know what this author ate as a male fashion model on the go in Paris, yes bixches, yours truly strutted the planks back in the 90’s- it was one part baguette jambon (lunch) and the other part baguette strawberry jam (dinner)- with an espresso of course!):

nymag: To help bid adieu to New York Fashion Week, we asked some of our favorite models two questions: “How are your feet holding up?” and “What’s the last delicious meal you ate?” Catwalk veteran Hanne Gaby Odiele tell us, “My feet don’t exist anymore — I lost my feet years ago.” Meanwhile, rising star Marie Piovesan had good luck with her shoes this week, which was “rare and cool.” But what was the most popular meal for models this season?

As my agent in Milan once complained, I’m going to have to fatten you up one day. No worries I’ve managed to get there…oh dear the life of a starving model. See what you think kids.

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