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Kayvon Zand – Crown of Thorns

Kayvon Zand, diva.
Kayvon Zand, diva.

Kayvon Zand is one of Scallywag’s preferred hawt bixches, that said when this scoundrel came across performance artist/musician (and what other exotic adjectives you can conjur) latest musical efforts he was enticed to reach out and ask Kayvon Zand some questions. As for the song itself- ‘Crown of Thorns,’ it’s a danceable winner.. (see it below). Scallywag


SCV: What inspired the latest song?

KZ: I’ve spent the last year in clubs doing parties/night life so I wanted to bring that to the music. Crown of Thorns embodies the feeling of wanting to walk on the dance floor and take that fucking crown!

SCV: What else are you planning on releasing?

KZ: I am currently working with new producers, last year’s project was more industrial moody, this go round I want to spread black diamonds. More glossy/dance and very 80’s inspired.

SCV: What’s up with the blonde mane?

KZ:  As we all know, the key to making it in the music biz being blonde and fucking whatever/whoever comes your way.

SCV: Who’s your favorite media whore du jour? 

KZ:  Courtney Stodden. I’m kinda addicted to her tweets.

SCV: Kayvon Zand can not live without …..?

KZ: Kayvon Zand can not live without …..my babe Anna Evans.

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