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Christmas day horror. Family of 7 found gunned down, murderer believed to be one of the dead.


Reports coming in from Ft Worth, Texas hold that a group of 7 people, all believed to be related and whom had just begun unwrapping Christmas presents this morning were suddenly shot dead by a shooter who it is currently believed to have then turned the gun on himself and mortally wounded himself.

Those found dead include 4 women and three men aged 18 to 60 with newly opened Christmas presents laying by their bodies. Authorities have also disclosed that they have come across two hand guns close to a decorated Christmas tree.

At present authorities who responded to an open ended 911 call late morning (perhaps the shooter himself before turning the gun on himself?) have not been able to piece together what inspired the shooting and as of present no one has come forward to declare if they heard gunshots at the time of the shooting, something which may be a result of the fact that this is a newly erected neighborhood with dozens of vacant buildings scattered near the crime scene.

Recalls one woman: ‘It’s all families. That’s why I moved here. No burglaries, no nothing,’ 

Which begs the ultimate question, what triggered the shooting, was it premeditated, or something that just happened? Or was this a situation of calculated ruse to bring an entire family together and to then unleash a level of hostility on a day that many would consider holy. Time will tell but perhaps the notion that families are all loving and comfort this morning was turned on its head in one desolate Texan town.

According to Police sgt Robert Eberling there had been no previous police calls to the apartment, until now that is…



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