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Australia brings in the new year- 2012. What a sight to behold!


Well for those of us in the United States, Europe and those continents in to their last day a treat was bestowed upon us as Australians congregated to be one of the first nations to bring in the New Year (time lag is 16 hours EST- US time).

As this author who spent his childhood in Sydney, Australia can attest, new years revelries off the Sydney Harbor bridge are always spectacular (on another note just be sure to as duck as drunken revelers start throwing beer bottles into the sky…oh dear) and one of the best good feel collective experiences one can ever have.

That said I sourced these images for your mutual perusal. The festivities in Sydney were called ‘time to dream,’ in keeping with the aspirations of the new year and the indigenous Aboriginals who have installed mythical status on landmarks and epochs within the Australian experience.

Well enjoy them pics, not a bad looking sight thinks me….

Hmm, don’t you wish you were there right now (I know I do, wiping those soft tears away bixches). Well, not to fear you’re only hours away from your own New Years eve revelries. Remember kids, drink and be merry – but don’t throw them beer bottles unless of course getting locked up is your preferred choice of bringing in the new year.

As one commentator reflected: The Australians always ruin it for everyone else by starting early !

Indeed! Happy new year to all (let’s hope/work to make our collective aspirations come to pass in the new year…).


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