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Did you manage to get into a brawl and then run over by a car while you waited to fill out your employment application at McDonald’s today?


Getting a job has now literally become a fight for life and death. Even flipping burgers at McDonald’s has become a highly fought over ‘vocation.’

You have to wonder when people waiting in a long line vying for a dead end job at McDonald’s and erupting in violence is now the new nadir in American economics or just the result of a few flared tempers?

gawker: In depressing-ass Cleveland, this employment opportunity was so irresistible that it caused a long line. And then a fight. And then a bunch of people being run over, by a car, driven by someone angry that they hadn’t yet gotten that job, at McDonald’s. All of this was caught on video, of course.

Should we be concerned that its come to this or just shake it off as a bunch of belligerent types who suddenly realized they were applying for a job at McDonald’s that suddenly made them dizzy?

So much for McDonald’s hiring blitz over at Cleveland…

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