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A Woman’s guide on how you guys should ‘pick’ us up…


First thing’s first: Be Cool, Man. Any woman worth your time can smell a ‘pick up’ scheme coming a mile away. Even if you are her type physically, you can blow your chances by being overly skeezy and obvious. If you are simply looking for a warm body to take home that night, it becomes like throwing darts at a dart board: eventually you’ll hit your target if you keep trying. Meaning that chances are there are a couple of women in the same four walls you are, with the same values and desires. Make your laps around the room and you will eventually find a living, breathing ‘lady’ who is into the idea of a one night stand. BUT f you are seeking a worthwhile lady who you would undoubtedly call again, you need to upgrade your approach from  to tactical.

The suggestions laid out below are specifically for large-scale social situations like nightclubs and parties, however if you can grasp the main concept of pick-up etiquette, you can easily manipulate these ideas to suit any situation. Simply stepping your game up just a touch, soon enough you’ll be a magnet for worthwhile women everywhere you go, whether you are shopping for a girlfriend or just a lady of higher caliber than the one-night stand. Here are a few solid suggestions to help facilitate your improvement:

The Approach: Gentlemen, you have an intensely small window of time to make or break your success when approaching a woman. Like, a minute at maximum. Your approach is the backbone to your ultimate success or demise with any given woman. Here are a few methods that will elevate your chances at success. As each woman looks for something different in a man, and you may not succeed no matter how strong your game is, there is no harm in elevating your game and allowing for the act of the approach to become refined art instead of a sloppy attack.

– Buy a drink, walk away: You’d be hard pressed to find a woman or group of women who are against receiving a drink compliments of a gentleman. Why some of us are reserved in accepting said drink is out of the fear of having to be stuck in dreadful conversation for the duration of the drink. Some of us are straight bitches and will say thanks and scurry away, but most of us will be polite so as to not come across as a gold digger.



  1. This is truly terrible advice. Don’t ever buy drinks. It makes you look weak. And don’t give a woman your number and expect her to call you. I you are a movie star maybe she will, otherwise you’ll be out of luck.

    It is true that the approach is important, and it is true that you should always be closing. Confidence is the most important thing, followed by a sense of humor. And you do want to work for women, but you don’t want it to show that you’re working at it.

  2. Step 1: Buy me a drink.

    Step 2: Buy my friends a drink.Step 3: Go away.
    Step 4: Maybe I’ll give you my digits.Yeah, this plan seems foolproof.

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