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A Woman’s guide on how you guys should ‘pick’ us up…


A.B.C. – Always Be Closing

So you’ve successfully opened and are now at the point of conversation, whether it’s outside on the patio having a cigarette or somewhere away from the middle of the dancefloor. The key here is to not seem cheesy. Compliment the unobvious by using specifics (“you’re eyelashes are insanely long”, “I love your shoes” etc) – generic compliments like “you are so gorgeous / hot / beautiful” are appreciated but end up sounding just that – generic. Women want to feel like out of all the girls at the party, you were most interested in them. Whether this is true or not, you have to make us believe it is the case. Steer the conversation away from the typical. Talk about your job if he seems interested, but pay close attention to her body language. Not every women cares that you are the youngest VP at your company. If she asks you probing questions, you are on the right path. If she responds with obligatory words like “oh, cool” or “neat”, toss in a “ugh, but let’s not talk about my boring job all night” and change the topic.

And finally, the exchange of contact information

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is asking for a woman’s number. If we are teetering on the fence of being sold on the idea of you or not, and you ask for our number, chances are we will not give it to you. The absolute ONLY way to exchange information is to offer yours. There are a few pros to this:

– you come across as confident. Confidence is a huge panty remover for strong and worthwhile women

– you are not coming across as pushy or desperate. Practice this line: “I had a great time talking / dancing / spending time with you tonight. I would love to see you again. Here’s my number / card. Give me a call if you’d like to see me again. I know I’d love to see you.” And be sure to leave the situation before she does. This will garner such a better overall impression of your character then “so, uhhhhhh, how do I get in contact with you”. Awkward.


Women always complain about finding a nice guy, but truth be told, we eat nice guys up for dinner.  Not to say treat women like shit, but just make them work for it a little bit. Desperation stinks. Don’t stink. Draw their interest by being confident and most importantly by being completely different than the usual dudes that hit on women relentlessly in the club. There’s a reason why those men are in the club week after week. Sure, they may be getting laid by a cheap broad who appreciates the opportunity to be invited into a bottle service booth. But a woman worth having is a woman you will have to work for. Follow these rules and you’ll find yourself in the land of amazing women. You’re welcome.



  1. This is truly terrible advice. Don’t ever buy drinks. It makes you look weak. And don’t give a woman your number and expect her to call you. I you are a movie star maybe she will, otherwise you’ll be out of luck.

    It is true that the approach is important, and it is true that you should always be closing. Confidence is the most important thing, followed by a sense of humor. And you do want to work for women, but you don’t want it to show that you’re working at it.

  2. Step 1: Buy me a drink.

    Step 2: Buy my friends a drink.Step 3: Go away.
    Step 4: Maybe I’ll give you my digits.Yeah, this plan seems foolproof.

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