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A Woman’s guide on how you guys should ‘pick’ us up…


However, often times a woman will politely say no thank you, as we would rather shell out the cash and negate the risk of being stuck owing you a conversation. Thus, play it cool. Purchase the drink (ensure you are aware of what the lady wants – not all of us drink cosmos FYI), smile and give a heartfelt cheers, let her know to ‘enjoy her night’ and disappear. This will, more times than not, result in the woman being left to think ‘hmm, well played’ adding a sense of intrigue to your character. This also has benefits you, since many times a woman will find herself a ‘mark’ – the sucker who he intends to have pay for her drinks all night without even as much as the exchange of her correct number at the end of the night. By walking away after you hand her the drink, you will not only raise her intrigue, but if she wasn’t into you in any way, you save yourself the humiliation of buying a woman a night’s worth of drinks only for her to scurry away from you at night’s end. Swagger is everything.

– Buy a round for her friends: A woman’s friends can either work for or against you. And unfortunately there are those cock-blocking friends who get upset because they are not getting any attention, thereby dragging your target lady away from you – even if she did have some genuine interest. By purchasing a round for her friends, you not only look like “The Man”, you also include her potential bitter friends in on the experience, leaving them no reason to say anything bad. Men often forget how important it is to romance the friend’s of the lady they are trying to romance. Whether it be via a wingman or just by having a strong enough personality to command the attention of a group of women, you absolutely must come across as a hero in front of the friends in order to get anywhere. Be careful though and make slight gestures to let the one woman out of the group know that your interest lies in her, you are just simply that awesome that you can click with her friends right away. If she smells the “I’ll take any one of you ladies” vibe, you’re finished.

Get the “OK” before moving in for a dance: Trust me, unless a woman is inebriated on the dance floor, there is absolutely nothing more annoying then enjoying a great song and having some sloppy dude invade our personal space with too much physical contact and gorilla-esque dance moves. The art of dancing together can be very sensual and can often lead to much more, but she has to want it as much as you do. Make eye contact, smile, and slowly make your way over, leaving room for her to give the cues to welcome you or put a stop to it. And under no circumstances should you ever approach a woman from behind. It’s weak and often terrifies us. And our friends are well trained in the art of the pull away, leaving you looking like a complete douche.

– Be understated in your approach at all times: Listen dude, you’re going to strike out. It may our may not have everything to do with you, but it’s inevitable. That’s why you must be understated. If we notice you have been hitting on ladies the whole night, there is no chance in hell we are giving you the time of day.



  1. This is truly terrible advice. Don’t ever buy drinks. It makes you look weak. And don’t give a woman your number and expect her to call you. I you are a movie star maybe she will, otherwise you’ll be out of luck.

    It is true that the approach is important, and it is true that you should always be closing. Confidence is the most important thing, followed by a sense of humor. And you do want to work for women, but you don’t want it to show that you’re working at it.

  2. Step 1: Buy me a drink.

    Step 2: Buy my friends a drink.Step 3: Go away.
    Step 4: Maybe I’ll give you my digits.Yeah, this plan seems foolproof.

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