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The top ten hottest guys of NYC: 2010.


'I'm just a hot bitch, don't mind me.'

Coming at number 7- Luigi Tandini– sometime jewelry designer, part time model, reporter/dilettante for Paper Mag, spoilt beneficiary of rich parents, full time socialite and bon vivant.

Luigi Tandini to his credit has managed to stay in the race we like to call the show pony race. Affluent, charming, steeped in affection (so I have been told) and charisma, this lad, heralding from the docks of Brazil (and we aren’t talking about the favelas either) has somehow made himself an entrenched doyen of the social landscape- a favorite of well to do women, photo boys like PMC, and could correctly be termed what the media likes to wantonly call a ‘male socialite.’ Yes kids, this is your cue to collectively salivate- we shall soon be passing the dog bowls along.

Luigi still somewhere in his mid 20’s is to be sure a very hot commodity and any young lady looking to upgrade her existence should stop by this bastion called- “I’m just a lonely male socialite won’t you please make my acquaintance at least for one long night?”

The good news doesn’t of course just stop with Mr Tandini’s looks (stop slathering you bitches…) but parlays over to his ability as one recent reporter admired – to wear an ascot. My my, could you imagine? Must there be other adventurous souls out there who could fathom such an obsequious activity?

Frankly yes- and we introduce him to you the next page over…

Making out with my shoelaces is permitted.



  1. If I were a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines and serving in a forward area. I would hesitate to call on any of them to give a weapon to and confront the enemy.

  2. Is this just a coincidence but is everyone gay or just happens to look like a girl. Is this what is supposed to turn guys on or and girls too. Maybe the article should’ve been called – ‘what turns gay guys on?’ – Just a thought…

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