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Even Perez Hilton wants to wish Scallywag happy birthday!


Yes kids- it’s my birthday and once again me and the possums are sitting in our pj’s smiling at planet Earth and all our favorite media whores. Smiling at Danielle Staub for getting fired, smiling at Michael Douglas cause we know God is going to reach down and save his pretty ass and smiling at all of you for being there with us as day in day out between the little possums nibbling on my toes and the half empty bottle of sherry by the bed stand.

Thank you for all the well wishes, the Facebook hellos (who knew I had more friends than dissenters- which reminds me to write another scathing article about another faux socialista) and even my family for tolerating me and letting me live my dream of being a neolite. A gritty one at that.

Love Scallywag.

p.s. I have to get some spray for them little possums. Silly things wont stop licking the teardrops off my cheeks…

  • Miss Vicki

    HB Scally

    Well, anyone that has salon and cultural in their intro has enough class and style to warrant a greeting from the lovely, semi-southern Renaissance Belle, yours truly. Was Danielle fired? What for? The bad forehead lift? They are all skanks, let’s face it.

    And besides, you are so young, you need my guidance on some occasions. Have a lovely one and get yourself a coon dog; they will rid you of the possum problem, lol. MV 🙂