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Kim Kardashian snubbed by Kate Middleton who returns her ‘free’ gifts…

Kardashian Kollection
Kardashian Kollection
Kardashian Kollection
Kardashian Kollection.

What was Kim Kardashian thinking anyway…?

It looks like Kim Kardashian’s attempt to encroach upon the UK market hasn’t gone down too well after the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton ‘politely’ (that’s a kind euphemism for ‘are you fuxking kidding us Kimbo?) declined uber media whore Kim Kardashian’s offer of free clothes from her new fashion line Kardashian Kollection (otherwise also known as flimsy, cheaply made and leopard toned for your tight skin).

The collection known to feature figure hugging silhouettes (just what Kate needs after her latest topless scandal Kim), exaggerated leopard prints it has been suggested by palace insiders would never quite do.

Said a palace insider: ‘Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket.’

Of course that didn’t necessarily stop Kimbo from trying as she attempts to export her namesake to the UK where she now has designs on as she eyes new market opportunities.

It is no secret that designers (but we might as well add media whores too the list too now) often give away free merchandize to highly visible figures in the hopes that they take a liking to the merchandize and wear it in public where they are often photographed by the paparazzi which often then leads to a general bump in sales as the designer is then perceived to be endorsed by a person of note. Which of course was Kimbo’s plan until that shit backfired….

According to the UK’s dailymail, the source goes on to say that Kim invited Kate over for tea, in an attempt to get a new royal best friend out of her recent trip to London. But once again, the Duchess politely declined the offer.

Outraged Kimbo has gone on the attack and declared such claims are ‘rubbish’ (oh really Kim?) offering instead through proxy, a close friend: ‘Kim never asked Kate to lunch. She was there (in England) working for a few days.’

If you say so Kimbo. Of course Kimbo would’ve dropped the Holy Grail had Kate had suddenly called to have a splash of high tea, but nonetheless it was hardly to be…

And the official word from the palace?

‘In general terms, the policy of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is not to accept any unsolicited gifts unless the sender is known personally to His or Her Royal Highness. Any such gifts are returned to the sender with thanks and an explanation of Their Royal Highnesses’ policy.’

Oh we see. Which once again is a polite but firm way of saying ‘Kimbo get your media whore blood sucking parasite self out of here. And oh yes, we heard you’re also now a designer too….’

Kimbo for the interim has declined to publicly respond to Kate’s snub. Can anyone guess why…?



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