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Dina Lohan wants her free ice cream or she’s calling the cops.


Dina wants you to understand she will do anything to get her free ice cream.

It was one heck of a scene the other day in Long Island when Dina Lohan had the cops come busting through Carvel ice cream store demanding them bitches serve her ass right then and there or else they were all going to ice cream hell. Proving that Dina doesn’t sleep unless there’s a whiff of blow or a cop car chase with a couple of paparazzi holding on for dear life we bring you the Dina wants all the ice cream she can eat story.

Huffington Post: Dina, Lindsay’s mom, ordered a cake for son Cody’s 14th birthday, and tried to get it for free with Lindsay’s Carvel “Black” Card, a promotional gift that entitles Lindsay to free ice cream for 75 years.

Lindsay was not present, the store asked for ID, and Dina was denied the freebie. The store employee then took the card.

That’s when Dina did sommersaults and tried to explain that if them bitches didn’t serve her a whole heap of ice cream there would be plenty of hell to pay. Of course no one listened to Dina as she started to look for ice cream cones to stick up her nose.

All in all a wonderful adventure, and a testament that Dina Lohan will forever live off the back of her cuckoo daughter Lilo. That said, we think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they made that wretched woman wear her own scram device- that way she wouldn’t feel left out.

Dina Lohan….Shut Up!

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