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Name that caption. The things that happen on Memorial day…


Tomorrow is memorial day, a hollow day in which we privileged Americans pay requiem to the generations of brave young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by shoving as many deep-fried double-down sandwiches, washing it down with a tub of Mountain Dew Code Red, and reflect digest deeply as we watch the obligatory Law & Order SVU marathon. Obviously, Sarah Palin has made the greatest sacrifices of all, and whoever says otherwise is nothing but an arugula-munching, book reading commie. Sarah should therefore be captioned befittingly.

So show your deep admiration for one of America’s greatest heroes since the White Castle scented candle and name that caption.
Editorial suggestions;

a/ If it looks like a moose burger throw it back in the ocean

b/ This is what happens when you keep feeding fish- they get fat.

c/ If we had caught him 3 feet that way he’d be a commie fish, but since we still caught him in American waters, I think he’s safe to eat.

d/I’m going o put him on my wall next to my Prada dress.

e/ This fish represents the bible belt.

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