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Sarah Palin debuts as a pariah on Fox.


sarah250When the horror show shows no sign of abating.

Only in America can an individual with a predilection to overt numbness and the bastion of most critical thinking journalists end up beating the odds and end up hosting her own TV show. Call it a freak show or the new comedy hour, or just simply call it the O’Reilly factor. After all if you can’t beat them (no pun intended) you just join them. In any event Sarah wasted no time in coming out swinging and swearing and frankly that’s probably a good thing because no one is tuning in to watch Palin be thoughtful but rather as malicious and controversial as possible. After all what better way to digest one’s dinner but in front of some ‘scag’ in red telling you the way it is, has been and ought to be. Assuming that ‘scag’ of course is the dizzy sight of a photogenic illiterate.

Still obviously wounded by the left wing that has failed to ridicule her to submission (quite the opposite thank you) Sarah Palin tells us that reports that she was unable for example to tell the difference between North and South Korea false.

Continues the feisty Palin who must have committed to at least 50 power push ups before she arrived on the show-

“political establishment reporters” of trying to “gin up controversy and spin up gossip. The rest of America doesn’t care about that kind of crap.” Of course America only cares about the kind of crap that only she can serve up…

In any event Palin’s debut can only indicate that we have come full circle in turning a do do politician into a do do political pundit who will seek revenge on other do do’s as a media commentator. Welcome to the fold Sarah…