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Sarah Palin gets paid to Speak to Foreigners.


sarah-palinWhen something doesn’t add up.


Did you know at the age of 43 Sarah Palin first got her passport and lo and behold 2 years later (it might as well be 2 weeks later Sarah Palin) is off in Hong Kong to address the CLSA Investors Forum. Fumbling at every turn to describe her agenda on foreign policy when she was running for vice presidential office (outside her window she could she Russia or was it Mississippi on a clear day…) we do find it rather incredulous that she is in a far off country telling people for large undisclosed sums of money how they should go about their investment portfolios.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Does it make sense that an illiterate individual is commandeering a vital meeting? Of particular interest is the fact that no media has been invited to attend the event. Could that have something to do with Sarah’s overwhelming love of the ‘liberal media’ or did we in media suddenly forget to check in on Sarah now that she’s a dimwit for hire?

In any respect it seems to be completely farcical but perhaps predictable that each politician (and even ex banker – Alan Greenspan) take their turn in front of gullible audiences after office (Clinton and George W Bush for example) for large chunks of fees.

One can imagine what is said at those meetings, but we suspect it’s what’s said after those meetings , where curry is favored. Yes, the real world is corrupt kids, just promise yourselves to never grow up (we know we haven’t) .

Anyway Sarah we hope you enjoy Hong Kong and if you get stumped on the speech podium just look out the window. East for Mississippi.

When trying to make sense of lunacy only gives you a headache…

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