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Is Tylenol Killing Your Kid?

Quick! Every parent with a sick child needs to yank them out of bed, stick their finger down their throat and make them vomit. No, I don’t wish bodily harm on your children, I’m trying to save their lives. If you’ve been giving your child liquid Tylenol thinking it will relieve them of their cold or flu, think again, because the FDA has been given hundreds of reports that are linked to complications from using the Johnson & Johnson products.

They are in fact recalling many of their products for children, including a ‘liquid children’s versions of Tylenol pain reliever.’

If you ask me, parents shouldn’t be too surprised about this news because I’ve known for quite some time that Tylenol doesn’t do sh*t for my body; except leave it in pain. A congressional report says there’s been over 800 complications linked to the medicine. Apparently the FDA is being paid millions under the table by Johnson & Johnson because they’re reporting that there is no link between the medicine and complications.

If I were a parent I wouldn’t trust the FDA as far as I could throw them. Your child could be getting sicker by taking Tylenol but all they’re concerned about is getting your money.

We can be a little relieved because Johnson & Johnson has in fact shut down their production of liquid nonprescription medicines at their plant located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. But don’t let your guard down just yet, the plant was closed AFTER FDA inspectors found dirty and contaminated equipment.

I see the Tylenol brand filing for bankruptcy in 3…2…1…
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