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UK’s Treasury secretary David Laws caught funnelling 40 000 pounds to his gay lover.

Hot 'thang,' - James Lundle.

David Laws.

Slashing budgets while funding his boyfriend’s bachelor pad.

If there is one thing that one can say about politicians is that they are perverse human beings, for as much as they claim to espouse the public good they are often the very first to abandon the public, call it the syndrome of public office or just call it the syndrome of double standards. But then again, maybe that’s why one goes to public office in the first place, to exact as many advantages to oneself that is possible- especially if there are toy boys one is obliged to ‘keep.’

UK Dailymail.

Treasury Chief Secretary David Laws has become the coalition Government’s first casualty tonight after it was revealed that he funnelled £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to his secret gay lover.

The Liberal Democrat, who was in charge of slashing public spending, stood down after he claimed up to £950 a month in expenses for five years which was paid in rent to his partner.

Could you imagine Davey boy and his hot ‘thang’ walking down the street, cuddling, blowing each other cute kisses off Hyde Park,  “See that bum over there, I put him out on the street so I could put you in your little hot pad. Oh hot thang you make my heart swirl…”

Mr Laws issued an apology and announced he would ‘immediately’ pay back tens of thousands of pounds claimed for rent and other housing costs.

But as pressure mounted for him to quit today, it became clear his casual use of public money undermined the Government’s case for painful cuts to public spending.

Which is the world’s way of saying ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you.’

The moral of the lesson; Suck it up and pay for the nice things (hot ‘thang’s’) in life or one day you will find yourself outcast like the bum you outcast before you.

Hot 'thang,' - James Lundie.


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