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Tiger Woods has every right to remain silent

tigercryIt’s sometimes easy to forget, but every now and then it seems the public needs reminding that we don’t actually have a god-given right to know every intimate detail of a celebrity’s life.
The whisperings surrounding Tiger Woods’ one-car collision on Friday have hinted at and speculated about all sorts of things, with tempting ingredients such as golf clubs and night club hostesses, but mostly what seems to be getting everyone all worked up is the fact that Woods has refused to tell anyone what actually happened, including the police. What everyone seems to be forgetting though is that such silence is his absolute right.
Woods has thwarted the public’s thirst for scandalous details, saying only that he had some cuts and bruises and was “pretty sore.”
When asked why he thought Woods was keeping so quiet and avoiding talking to police about the incident, CNN’s senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said “Woods may not talk to them because there is possibly something unpleasant and embarrassing that he doesn’t want to share with them, and he has that right. Based on what is publicly known, Woods has a public relations problem much more than a legal problem.”
He may be public property, but the fact is that what caused him to crash his car into a tree on Friday night is his business. No offense was committed, no one was hurt, and Tiger Woods has no obligation to open his mouth to anyone.
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